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Hurricane Michael

Yes, I have survived Hurricane Michael thus far. By the time he made it inland, he was downgraded to a level 2. By the time he made it to my area, he was a level 1.

All day it had been rain and wind. Michael brutally killed one hummingbird feeder, 1 wind chime, and has totally left my acreage a mess. It now almost 7pm and it is still raining, and still very windy.

My daughter lives about 20 minutes south of me…she and her family have been without power since 3pm. Currently trying to make sure they have something to eat for dinner, but her FB Messenger isnt acting properly.

My yard is flooded, thank goodness for 4-wheel drive. Its going to be messy out there for the next few days.

I feel so much sorrow for those who really got slammed by this storm. We were lucky, very lucky. Next time we may not be so lucky.

Please send your thoughts and good vibes to those in Florida, Alabama and Georgia who may not have had such an easy go of this storm..




Tropical Storms…yay…


So, I am getting all the harsh easterly side of Tropic Storm Nate, down along south east Alabama. I am getting this short post in before the next tide of raging wind and rain comes in and kills my power…again.

So far, nothing has been too damaging. A lot of wind, but nothing has blown out of my yard. The scary part is when the winds stop for a while. That’s a good time for this muggy weather and storm clouds to churn up tornadoes.

So, I’ve been on my kindle and tablet doing things here and there. Mostly reading, and keeping them charged.

Today is excellent nap weather!


To all of you in my same area, or about to get these winds and rains…best of luck to you!

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