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Update on Fundraiser

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So, thus far I have raised a whopping $21.00

I’ve been pushing the social media, and just dont know what I’m doing wrong, or not doing at all. Well, other than mostly everyone I know is broke.

Just to clarify this non-profit fundraiser, I am working toward raising $300 for the nonprofit behind NaNoWriMo. As soon as I’ve raised at least $300.  If I raise $425 I can bring a friend. I know someone who would love to attend.

Mind you, fundraising money doesnt come to me, it goes directly to NaNoWriMo.


I’m also responsible for getting myself a roundtrip flight and hotel for the night.

So, if possible, toss a few bills my way. I’ll reward you with stories, from horror to smut…>_>


Love my sweeties!


A Life Update: Fat Cat, Vehicles and other things…

images (2)

Well, Fat Cat is currently at the vet. I am waiting for them to call. We’ve been forced to go the route of placing a feeding tube into her neck for me to feed her. She will still be able to eat like normal, but thus far she is refusing to eat. She is drinking plenty of water though.

All she wants to do is lay around and sleep. Especially in my bed. On my side. Where she then commences to pee the bed because she hurts to much to get out to go to the litter box. 😐

Honestly, I dont mind. I just want my cat. However, if this feeding tube doesnt help her, then we are out of options, and I am faced with having to let her go.

I can talk about this without crying today because my shrink has me nicely sedated. Hell, I slashed my leg open earlier. I dont even care.

Now, in other news…maybe its the depression, or maybe its my own way of not self mutilating the typical way…but…I got all my hair cut off. Its super short. I hate it. What was I thinking? I wasnt, thats what. I am so sad, I just did it on impulse. Everyone says it looks super cool and nice and all, but I like my hair long. Blah. I’ll take pictures soon, so you all can take a gander.

More news…I FINALLY got a new truck. Its the same as my old truck…lol. Same make and model, same color scheme. Just a few years newer. 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition. Avacodo Green, tan interior.

I took it for a test drive, and talked the price down by $3000.00. Not bad, huh? I put some money down on it today, but dont want payments, so I’ll go in next week and pay the balance and have my lovely truck.

Here’s a pic of it:

2015-08-21 11.45.40

I’m either going to put a three inch lift on it or a three inch suspension lift. The standard three inch lift is cheaper. There are no flaws in the interior, though it has leather, but I will cover them. I dont like leather interior. It has a DVD player and individual headphones for the back passengers. I really wont need that, but my last Expi had that too, so I guess its pretty standard.

There are a few differences between this Expi and my old one, and thats just because of the year differences. Things are more upgraded on this one, and I’ll just have to get used to the layout of things. However, it drives like a dream.

So now I’m just sitting here for news on Fat Cat and when I can go pick her up and bring her back home. I’ll probably give it another hour before I get all antsy and call to pester them. :[


Fat Cat Update :(


Well, things are not going well at all. 🙁

I was called by the vets office yesterday morning and told that Fat Cat wouldnt eat, and if she doesnt eat, she doesnt poo. She needs to poo.

They asked if I would come sit with her, hoping that maybe she’d perk up a little, and maybe eat for me. I took some of her favorite treats and food, because she is totally a fussy eater. I knew they wouldnt be feeding her anything she liked, they would be feeding her the post surgery nutrient rich chicken based wet food.

So I go in, and they escort me to the kennel she is in. As soon as she sees me she tries to come to the bars, meowing and crying.

My poor baby looks so bad. It was heartbreaking. Truly. I can see the noticable difference in her body where the mass and intestines were removed. She looked so small.

They opened her kennel up and let me sit with her, mindful of her IV. I couldnt hold her, but I loved on her every way I could. Pets, scritches, sweet soothing words.

I achieved getting her to eat about 6 of her treats. The nurse was just stunned. She called Fat Cat a brat. I recommended to the nurse to get Fat Cat a beef based wet food. Beef is all she will eat. She turns her nose up to anything else. And she prefer Friskies to anything, but the vet had some beef based nutrient wet food and brought it to her. She didnt eat it though.

She continued to let me coddle her. I noted to the nurse that one of the reasons Fat Cat probably wasnt using the bathroom at all was because they had a plastic litter box filled with shredded paper. Fat Cat took to sleeping it in rather than the soft bed they made her. I told the nurse its a ‘box’ thing. Fat Cat loves her some boxes. Also, there wasnt any litter…Fat Cat is probably confused by that, and I understand that with a belly full of stitches and an IV in her arm they dont want to use a clay litter. But Fat Cat is set in her ways.

She purred and dozed while I coddle her some more, and then she started getting fidgety. She stood up and moved around in the kennel (its pretty big) and started growling and whining. I know she is in so much pain. However, she moved to the soft bed from the box and peed on it. The nurse came in and I gently lifted Fat Cat out so the bedding could be changed, and the poor baby cried the whole time. No sooner had we got her settled back into the kennel, she moved to the fresh bedding and pawed at it and tried to poo. Now, this is going to be gross, but all that came out of her was a thick blood and ooze. It smelled horrid, but not like poo bad, it had a medical smell to it. It was nasty, and of course I was freaked out by this. Fat Cats entire back end is bloody, as she has been oozing this since the surgery. But the nurse assured me that this was a good thing, and the blood and stuff was normal. What was really good, was the fact that Fat Cat was pushing it out on her own. She was making an effort to poo. No food came out though, and they wont release her until she starts passing food waste.

Needless to say, after that, Fat Cat was very tired, and very grouchy. She crawled back in the box and lowly growled as I petted her a little longer, and then the nurse said she was going to administer a pain med and that I should probably go.

They are going to call me in the morning. The nurse said I would probably need to come sit with Fat Cat again, which of course not an issue at all. Thats my baby in there. I left her treats and her favorite food so they could try getting her to eat more of that if she turns her nose up at what they offer.

I’m going to bring her one of her favorite toys when I visit her. It smells of her, me and home. That should bring some comfort until she can come home.

Just seeing my babycat that way was just…heartbreaking.

Happy thoughts and love for the Fat Cat (I may have to give her a new nickname after this. 🙁   )

Kitty Cat Update


Well, this weekend has not faired well for the felines in this household.

As you know, Fat Cat had to be taken to the vet this past Monday. She improved for…one night…then it was back downhill.

And Little Man Jeffrey gave us all a fright as well.

I noticed Fat Cat being lethargic again, and kind of whiny. And then as I was cuddling Little Man Jeffrey early Friday evening, I noticed two lumps on his neck. One was more pronounced than the other. Between the two kitties, we were beside ourselves, so my daughter hunted down a veternary clinic that has emergency hours. Granted, it was an hour long trip, and Fat Cat does not travel well at all, and the Pet ER was OUTRAGIOUSLY expensive…but…worth it.

Little Man Jeffrey had a fever, so they worked on him first. Those lumps were an abscess. They gave him a fever reducer, pain shot, anti-biotics and then they lanced the abscess. Close to 200bux for all that. And the daughter has to pick open the mark from the lance and squeeze more of the puss out when she can until it goes away completely. One side is already gone, the other is still puffy and needs to be drained throughout the day.

Fat Cat is another story. X-rays were done and they found a really huge impaction in her upper intestines. This ER wanted to either just give her laxatives, or go in guns blazing with scalpals…it would have cost between 1800 – 2200bux. I kindly asked for a sedative and pain reliever to be administered, and a copy of the X-Rays.

So come Saturday morning, Fat Cat and I are waiting outside our regular vets office. The doctor takes us right away and looks over everything. He can do anything needed for under 500 bux. He sedated her, shaved her, then ran a tube into her intestines to try to break up the impaction and massage it out.

Then he felt something hard and round.

He called and asked permission to go in scalpals blazing, which, of course I said yes.

He had to cut out 4 inches of intestine, clean out a huge mass of hair and food that had solidified somewhat, and then he found that round mass. At first he thought it was a tumor, so he took his scalpal to it. It was hair and food, so rock hard, that it was blocking the valve in her intestines not letting anything at all pass.

Also, part of what he had cut out was scarred tissue. We put our heads together and deducted that when that dog bit her in her belly last year, he did more internal damage than anyone imagined.

So, he’s not expecting to releasse Fat Cat on Tuesday, at the latest.

I miss her so much. She has such a comforting presence for me.

Also, this is the first time she has ever slept away from home. Its one thing for me to go off for a weekend, but poor Fat Cat has never been out of her element, surrounded by strange smells and other animal scents. I’m sure, well, if she wasnt totally doped out of her mind right now, that she would be feeling so much anxiety being separated from her home comforts.

The doc is going to call me in a few hours. Yes, its 4:45AM…I havent slept since Thursday night, and even that was just a few hours.

I tried to catch a nap today, but Little Man Jeffrey had other plans involving his little claws and my little toes.

Think happy thoughts for my Fat Cat!!! <3

Fat Cat and Me: Update


So, I’ve been mentioning that Fat Cat hasnt been well lately.

She hadnt been using the litterbox in like, the last two weeks, other than to piddle. Her appetite was non-existant.

So, off to the vet she went this morning.

First thing: “Your cat is overweight. o_o (Tell me something I didnt already know)

They ran a battery of tests. Blood and urine and whatnot. Now, beforehand, I warned them, she’s a biter. She has to be sedated just for a grooming. I wanted to hear them all say ‘Yeah, we understand…we dont sedate her, she eats us, we wont sue’, because they didnt want to sedate her, as the sedation tends to cause constipation, which is her primary problem right now.

The culprit was blockage due to hair. That bad is on me. I havent gotten her shaved in a timely manner. But now, we cant shave her until she is at 100% again for fear of constipation again, plus this whole ordeal was very stressful on her.

Many people were bitten today. I WARNED THEM!

She was pumped full of fluids because she was dehydrated and given an enema, which I’m sure just thrilled her. I mentioned many hands were bitten, yes?

So she is now home, she peed in her carrier. >_<

But, she’s home, and she has THE FLESH OF HER ENEMIES IN HER TEETH! RAWR!

Fat Cat is resting comfortably. And since she was so tired, we let the little kitten interact with her a little. She didnt eat him. Big accomplishment. She growled at him, he puffed up but remained submissive.

Oh, the kittens name is Jeffrey. Long story there, the highlight of it being my daughter is one strange little individual, but Jeffrey is just fine. He looks like  a Jeffrey.

Now, I had my own appointment today.

I get to have one of those lovely Upper GI series performed later this week. Oh, joy of fucking joys. Yanno, its not a complicated test. It isnt painful. But lawdy, that stuff they make you drink to dye your stomach is AWFUL. Like…I’d rather lick a bears ass awful. But, we’ll see whats going on in my old tummy. More to follow on that later.

Fat Cat is in her box, sleeping. She needs a bath because she smells like pee and her fur is so thick that just a washcloth aint gonna help that. Oh, and I prefer to keep my flesh, so no, I will not be attempting to give her a bath. Thats why I pay someone to do it, and to shave her, and to sedate her…lol.

Windows 10 Test drive Update


So, I really starting liking Windows 10. So much, that I put it on my rig (my big main computer).

People who ask me what Windows 10 is like, well…I tell them its like awkward sex. It has all the familiarness, but is also kind of strange, and sometimes you dont know where to put what.

There are some quirks, however, and I’ve seen some of them addressed on different forums and articles.

Tonight, I discovered I can not sit and watch a DVD or Blu Ray movie on my rig.

The problem lies in the Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT driver and Windows 10. Others have complained. Yes, its a low end video card. But its been working fine and dandy…up until I try to watch a DVD or Blu Ray.

So far there are no new updates, patches or fixes for the driver crashing. Its frustrating.

I am learning the ins and outs of 10, however, and so far I am pleased with it. It does some neat things. And there are plenty of hacks and tweaks you can do to streamline things to make it a little more comfortable, giving it that old friendly Windows 7 feel, but with a splashy new appearance.

Thus far, I like it.

I know it will take time for patches and fixes for things.

As for my DVDs and Blu Rays, well, I do have a perfectly good 55″ TV and stuff… I just dont like sitting in the living room. Its not…my room. My office is my room…lol. I guess I can always watch the last twenty minutes of the DVD I was watching over on the laptop.

In the know


Hello my darlings!

Only one short story tonight.

I’ve been taking care of my friend as I mentioned last week. They still arent back to work yet, and I STILL havent gotten things totally settled with my insurance since the truck got wrecked. So, I have been a little busy.

Today was the first day, however, that I havent been able to sit down and write at length. I managed one story.

But hey, at least it was something. My goal for this month was to write something every day based on prompts. I think I’ve managed pretty good. I want to make it a routine that lasts.

I know not all of my short stories are great, but like I said, it keeps me writing, even if I fall flat here and there. I think tonights short story will be like well enough.

I have been thinking of posting up more of my Role Play writing. Some of the characters mine deals with, and their situations, can be downright entertaining and hilarious. Not all this vampire stuff is serious. I like my roleplays to carry some humor too, and my characters are far from perfect creatures.

Fat Cat is having a hard time struggling with this heat this year. She is harking up hairballs every day. I totally need to get her in to be shaved down. Its also time for a medical checkup. She’ll be so pleased. >_>

I’ve also been rearranging my office… again… I swapped my newer laptop desk for the old one I bought years ago. It is much bigger and matches my main desk a lot better. That meant digging in the storage room to unearth the old desk and get them swapped without breaking my neck.

I really should clean out that storage room…but…uumm…nu.

Well my lovelies, enjoy tonights story to be posted next.

~hugs you all~

Miss me? Upcoming thangs and stuff…


Miss me? Heeelllooo…is this thing on? Anyone?

Okay. Well. I have some crucial things weighing upon me at the time, so I will be scarce for the month of March.

I will have a spotlight up tomorrow, but for the remainder of March there will be no other spotlights.

I have a dear one having surgery on Monday morning, and I’ve been getting their laundry done and meals prepared and just digging my heels in to take care of them. They will be out of work for close to three months, minimum. So I want to do all I can for them, which means driving them to appointments and stuff. They wont be able to drive. They are having shoulder surgery to fix a torn bicep tendon and shave off some bone spurs from the shoulder and rotater cup. Yeah, ouch. They can barely drive now, and cant reach over their head.

So, yeah, going to be spending time with them, and also work on finishing up my new office. All that’s left really is hanging all my pictures. I want to wash down the walls of dust and whatnot first though.

April marks Camp Nanowrimo. I will be participating to help get me writing again. I’ve got a tiny little 500 word count goal for every day in April. In July, for the second Camp Nano the word count goes up to a 1000 per day, I think, preparing you for the Big Nano in November. I’ve signed up to be a Municipal Liaison this year for my local area.

During Camp Nano in April I will be sharing snippets and excerpts of things I’ve written.

Oh, a high note: I’ve found myself a wonderful new editor for Book Two. After reading The Road of Darkness she spotting things that were missed. I want Book Two to be flawless, and I am sure she will be able to bring something to the table to make that possible. I heart her.

I’ve gotten 4 reviews on Amazon for The Road of Darkness and I feel they are all great. I felt people were honest in their perception of the plot and characters. 2 five stars, 1 four star and 1 three star. It makes me happy in my pants!

My girls miss me at the Coffee Shop, but I make sure between errands I stop in through the drive thru and let them know I haven’t gotten squished by any of the furniture I had moved from one side of the house to the other.

Fat cat has fully embraced our new office. She sits at the window and watches all the little birdies and squirrels I have set bird seed and food out for.

I complained once before about how the heating and AC ducts don’t seem to work in this room. The temperatures had gotten in the high 70s this week and I had the windows open, it was great. But now the weather has turned cold again, in the 30s. So I have two space heaters. Fat cat thoroughly enjoys plopping her big butt down in front of them and basking in the heat while blocking it from reaching me. >_<

Well, its time for me to go rinse my purple hair dye out. FABULOUS!!!!

Be sweet my loves, and I’ll check back in a few days! If anyone needs me, or even want to just chat, don’t hesitate to email me!

A blip on the radar


Sorry I’ve seemed to drop off the radar a little. Things abound!

Lets see…we will have SPOTLIGHTS this week!!! YAY and thank you to those who signed up!

Lets see…Oh, I did something stupid. I mean, its for the good of my lovely purple tresses, but I hate it. I…got a haircut. Like, two full inches. And bangs. What possessed me to do that is beyond me. I hate the little fringy over my forehead. You’d think after being alive this long, and the tormenting hair cuts my mother would give me as a child would have made me aware that I look best when my hair is all one length pretty much. Blech. And now, when I look down…like, at my bewbs…I cant see my lovely purple locks resting over them. My hair is just above my shoulders now. HATE IT!

Lets see…I’ve made a HUGE decision on my arrangement of my house that I am TOTALLY EXCITED for…however, with that total excitement comes TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!! I have a large sunken den, which, when the original owners of the house (who are my closest neighbors now) built, it was a garage, and they converted it. I’ve just been using it for storage space. Yeah…pack-ratting. So sue me. 😛

So I decided…’hey, I want a HUGE home office instead of just using this little bedroom…I’m going to swap rooms!’. Yeah, I know, I’m an idiot. I’ve got about 30% of the moving around, tossing out of junk and repacking stuff done. The biggest thing will be moving my main desk. Its one big solid desk and hutch, and the hutch doesn’t detach. When I moved into this house, like, forever ago, it took three big strapping men to move it, and even they were whining. ~head-desks~.

I’ve been working on things, so yeah, I kind of blipped off the radar a little. I’m trying to get the swap done as quick as I can so I can get back to what I love, which is writing and oozing affection over my fat cat. (Fat cat does not like the sudden changes going on around the house, I will add. Especially when I bring out ‘VAWCCUUUMMM’)

In my little gaming world…well, there’s nothing much to report there. I’ve put a few bigger RPs on the back burner, just sticking to writing with those who send me short little RPs. I’m trying to teach them how to really develop their storytelling skills.

With this moving around things in my house, I may be without good internet for a few days. The internet line is in here, in the ‘old’ office. I don’t know if the WiFi on my computer will pick up the signal in the ‘new’ office since it’s on the other side of the house. I’m putting in a call to arrange for my line to be moved though, but you know how things can get, get put on a waiting list and whatnot. I have to say though, my cable/ISP is pretty reliable and quick.

OH! Look what my lovely daughter bought and presented to me. She brought it to me at the coffee shop a few days ago. All the girls got a chuckle out of it. I LOVE IT!!!!


I should have put something next to it so you could see the size of it. ITS HUGE!!! It will be my new coffee shop mug. ~nods~

So, my lovely visitors, that is an update. I’ll be back around Thursday with something to share, and new Spotlights on Friday!

Be sweet ya’ll!

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