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Review by Heidi Angell

Book review: The Road of Darkness by Zoe Ambler


Review by Heidi Angell

I really want to enjoy this book…. and I must have, because I finished it eagerly in one day, despite having a lot of house work and several chapters I was supposed to edit… Yeah. I couldn’t put it down. It is the story of a young woman from New Orleans who was raised by a voodoo-practicing slave-nanny and ends up getting changed into a vampire because she snuck off to buy some supplies for her own voodoo practices.

Her soul is given to Baron Samedi and we get to see her go through history learning to survive and thrive as a vampire. There are exciting introductions to different species of vampires, to other supernatural creatures, and to demons. The book has so much to love….

But the author rushes through telling us bits that would have been much more interesting shown; rushing through bits and pieces that although not strictly relevant to the plot, were much more interesting…. Well, and to be fair, would have been relevant to the plot because the plot plays out like an autobiography. There isn’t really a plot. We are simply following Addison’s life, or unlife as it were. Spending more time on interesting and relevant pieces would have been good.

I have to say something about the writing. Usually I am a major stickler for poor writing. There are six books that I have not finished reading in my life. One just recently was made into a major motion picture. Because of that, it gave me pause to say anything. Clearly there is a large mass of readers who don’t care…. and there is another book that was made into a motion picture recently that is grammatically well written and I have spent almost three months trying to get through, so I obviously enjoyed this error-riddled book more than those other book which shall remain nameless…

But as a writer, I cannot bring myself not to discuss it. This author is the perfect example of a writer who is a master story teller, but would benefit SO MUCH from having an editor. She did a fantastic job with writing in dialect. And someone obviously did some work editing (though it wasn’t obvious until I got to the last handful of chapters where it really fell apart!) but I know high schoolers who could have done a better job editing. Seriously.

There were a couple of pet peeves that really drove me nuts, that could have been fixed by a best friend reading through and wouldn’t have cost the author a penny. (It is per se, not per say. You start a new paragraph when you change speakers, and spell check is a must!! In this modern age, there is no excuse for misspelled words. Homophone errors, perhaps, but not straight up misspelled words!)

But really every author should have a professional editor. I provide editing for other authors, and I hire someone to edit my books. Even if you do not have a budget to have the book edited, there are ways to trade favors with other authors, give new editors a chance to build their chops, get beta readers, so many options.  I hope the author does that. Pull the book and get some people to read it. Polish this diamond in the rough and buff that baby straight up because I really want to read this series!!!

Miss me? Upcoming thangs and stuff…


Miss me? Heeelllooo…is this thing on? Anyone?

Okay. Well. I have some crucial things weighing upon me at the time, so I will be scarce for the month of March.

I will have a spotlight up tomorrow, but for the remainder of March there will be no other spotlights.

I have a dear one having surgery on Monday morning, and I’ve been getting their laundry done and meals prepared and just digging my heels in to take care of them. They will be out of work for close to three months, minimum. So I want to do all I can for them, which means driving them to appointments and stuff. They wont be able to drive. They are having shoulder surgery to fix a torn bicep tendon and shave off some bone spurs from the shoulder and rotater cup. Yeah, ouch. They can barely drive now, and cant reach over their head.

So, yeah, going to be spending time with them, and also work on finishing up my new office. All that’s left really is hanging all my pictures. I want to wash down the walls of dust and whatnot first though.

April marks Camp Nanowrimo. I will be participating to help get me writing again. I’ve got a tiny little 500 word count goal for every day in April. In July, for the second Camp Nano the word count goes up to a 1000 per day, I think, preparing you for the Big Nano in November. I’ve signed up to be a Municipal Liaison this year for my local area.

During Camp Nano in April I will be sharing snippets and excerpts of things I’ve written.

Oh, a high note: I’ve found myself a wonderful new editor for Book Two. After reading The Road of Darkness she spotting things that were missed. I want Book Two to be flawless, and I am sure she will be able to bring something to the table to make that possible. I heart her.

I’ve gotten 4 reviews on Amazon for The Road of Darkness and I feel they are all great. I felt people were honest in their perception of the plot and characters. 2 five stars, 1 four star and 1 three star. It makes me happy in my pants!

My girls miss me at the Coffee Shop, but I make sure between errands I stop in through the drive thru and let them know I haven’t gotten squished by any of the furniture I had moved from one side of the house to the other.

Fat cat has fully embraced our new office. She sits at the window and watches all the little birdies and squirrels I have set bird seed and food out for.

I complained once before about how the heating and AC ducts don’t seem to work in this room. The temperatures had gotten in the high 70s this week and I had the windows open, it was great. But now the weather has turned cold again, in the 30s. So I have two space heaters. Fat cat thoroughly enjoys plopping her big butt down in front of them and basking in the heat while blocking it from reaching me. >_<

Well, its time for me to go rinse my purple hair dye out. FABULOUS!!!!

Be sweet my loves, and I’ll check back in a few days! If anyone needs me, or even want to just chat, don’t hesitate to email me!

A little call for help…


Okay my lovely peeps. I am in need of some reviews for my book The Road of Darkness. Amazon is offering it for a dollar off, and Google is offering at almost 1.50 off right now. But really, if you are really really really interested and can provide a pretty quick review and post to all the leading sites, I will send a free copy of either the pdf or epub version, your choice.

Things aren’t going well. I know, I know, I haven’t given it much time. But at the same time, I haven’t been able to do any powerhouse marketing and advertising either, because most of it costs and arm, leg and first born. The ‘free’ stuff isn’t as free as they let on. And I’ve submitted to free review sites, but they want like 3-6 months. Cripes! The next book will be out by then..lol. My PayPal Donation button has yielded me an entire $5. and my GoFundMe $0.

~sigh~ Am I rushing things? Honestly, I know I am not the most patient person in the world. I was absent that day when patience was handed out. I stood in the boob line twice. >_>

Anywho. If anyone would like to help me out, email me at zoe.ambler5@gmail.com, or zoeambler@zoeambler.com.

Thank you lovelies!

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