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November 2016 Day 12



Well, my word count for NaNoWriMo is climbing daily, even though I only managed 1669 words this morning. I am in pain so bad from my back. This spinal surgery, though I dread it, is not coming along fast enough.


So onto other things. BlogHer doesnt give prompts for blogs on Weekends, so I thought I give you all a sneak peak of Book Two.


I present you a excerpt from Book Two ‘The Path of Redemption’ – mind you this is a raw cut. Enjoy!


Jabril traced her soft lips as she had fallen asleep, feeling the warmth within his heart. It was amazing how this dark, devious little beautiful creature had captivated him. She had snared him, and his heart, in such a short amount of time. Both had been conflicted on what they had wanted, what they had needed, and yet, despite what either had said, here they were. They had gone through so much together in a short amount of time. They had shared so much. It was amazing that it was just out of nowhere. He had believed that he would never allow anyone into his heart again, not after his lost love, his betrayer. And Addison had longed for love, someone to let into her heart, someone to depend on and help keep her from tumbling over that edge of insanity. There was something about Addison, this little beast that she was. Jabril smiled as he watched her sleeping form. She did, in fact, just try to bring the genocide of an entire city. So much destruction, even though she had been trying to correct some of it.

But now Jabril knew the why and what in her motivations. He could help her. He could set her lose to gain vengeance.

There was a demon out there that he had a slow, painful, tormenting death in mind. On further thought, he considered binding it as a slave summon. Sending it back to hell, only to make it ‘summon bound’ to the summoners will.

No. He couldn’t take this away from Addison. It was up to her how this demon was to meet its end, despite Jabril’s wish to handle it – to save her.

She needed saving from herself, not the demon.


There you go! Just a nibble!


Be sweet, my lovelies!

30 Day Challenge: Day 11

30 day challenge

Day 11: What is your favorite quote?

AGAIN WITH THE FAVORITES?!?!? I NEVER choose ONE favorite…lol.
I have several favorites

If I never see you again
I will always carry you, inside, outside
On my fingertips, at brain edges.
And in the centers, centers of what I am of what remains.
– Charles Bukowski

“there are worse things
than being alone
but it often takes
decades to realize this
and most often when you do
it’s too late
and there’s nothing worse
than too late”
– Charles Bukowski

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.
– Agatha Christie, The Hound of Death

The Road of Darkness; Chapter 5 Excerpt

Book cover small

With the loss of the last surviving heir to the Peterson bloodline and the old pain of losing her beloved nanny Neeta, Addison fell out of sorts. It all left her feeling lost, despondent, and angry; ever so angry. She had a few aliases and papers to ensure what was hers remained hers. But her assumed name at the time would expire in due time, and she wasn’t too keen on opening up her secret to another mortal again. Changing times changed people and what moved in their hearts changed. The view of the world changed.
She was on her own for now.

The Road of Darkness: Chapter Three

Book cover small

Addison gave it a lot of though. As she dressed for the evening, she came up with the idea of a young niece of Aiden Jasper that could be the new deed bearer. Addison would appear years later to stake her claim as this niece. Of course, this was something she would have to do for…well…forever…to ensure she kept what was hers by right.
Satisfied with her plan, she looked herself over in the mirror. She dressed herself in one of her mother’s more risqué gowns. It was a deep crimson. Addison chuckled. It was fitting. Her corset cinched up tight as she had no need to breathe, making for ample bosoms while her waist was trim and petite.
She went to Neeta’s room, letting herself into her nanny’s room. The old woman sat on her bed, and her spell book and chicken bones lay out before her.
Addison looked everything over. “Conjuring?” She asked in a plain tone. Neeta shook her head. “Divinatin’.” The elder woman said. Addison gave a nod. “Nothing looks too bright, does it?” She asked though she wasn’t seeking a response. “I want a copy of your book. Everything. Every spell, enchantment, curse, hex, ward…everything.” Addison then said in a demanding voice, yet her tone was soft.
“You be dressin’ like a harlot Miss Addison…you be goin’ to da city?” Neeta then asked somewhat bold.

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