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What's wrong with people out there?


Today I’m speaking up on something that was brought to my attention by my friend Patricia. I met her months ago through Blogher, and we’ve been following one another ever since. She’s a sweet and very caring individual. She’s been in my Spotlight in the past.

You can visit Patricia’s blog here, and definitely check out this particular blog entry.

Now, apparently its ‘International Woman’s Day’ or something. I do not follow these sorts of days really, because I don’t think there will ever be equality between anyone. Males, females or various races. I do not have that much faith in humanity.

It was more the situation that Patricia was in that burned my biscuits more than anything.

She was asked (told) to “stop asking questions”. Oh.Em.Gee. Patricia applied grace and restraint in the situation. I would have found a brick and smashed it into someones face.

It didn’t help Patricia’s mind any that this person was also a woman. But, then again, we are catty little creatures, aren’t we?

The whole thing about ‘stop asking questions’ to me just puts a bur in my britches. I mean, asking questions is a show of seeking knowledge. Finding out something you didn’t know. Educating yourself. I am one of those people that believe there are no stupid questions. If there are, well, more than likely I’m the person asking them. 😛

For someone to ask/tell you to stop asking is them trying to show superiority, making you feel belittled and most definitely showing their blatant ignorance.

I don’t care if you have bewbs or balls, I WILL smash you in the face with a brick if you impede my ability to seek out knowledge of something I want to understand.

But in light of this “Woman’s Day” it was just plain wrong in the entire situation.

Patricia, you keep that chin up. I know you’re probably madder than a bee in a bonnet, but I got ya back. I’ll cut a bitch for you. 😀

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