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Not another Holiday post…


Yeah, so, I’m not much the Christmas sort. YAY FOR ZOMBIES!!!

Since I’ve had like an hour and a half of sleep in the last few days, I think I’m going a little loopy. Okay, well, always guilty of being loopy, but more so when lack of sleep is involved.

I was sitting here at 4am and pondered what I should be doing. Writing is what I should have been doing.

What did I end up doing? Watching zombie movies. Yup. Productive. ITS RESEARCH!!!!

So I’m forced to endure people today. Not thrilled with that. Nothing a few Klonopin cant help me through.

Maybe later in the day, or this evening I’ll have something with more substance to post. I really just wanted to say ‘Happy Holidays’, without making the standard Happy Holidays post. Because I never like doing what is the norm…and me being cheerful just doesn’t fly. I’m not religious either, so really, the only reason I do any of this holiday stuff is for the family. The overgrown kid of mine may be an adult, but she is romping around the house like a 12 year old.

Oh, I better check on those Orange Rolls. Don’t need the smoke detector telling me they are overdone….again.

Dec 12, 2014 : I REFUSE!

Guess what monstrosities the doctor gave me today for my severe carpal tunnel?

These things.


Now, guess what purple haired girl wore them for 10 minutes and said NOPE!

That’s right…this girl…


So, since the monstrosities the doc gave me are so cumbersome and make me feel like I’m in a permanent ‘high five’ position, I’ve gone on the search for a set that are less bulky, but just as supportive. I found some, they aren’t cheap, and of course insurance wont cover them. But, that’s the price you pay.

I simply cant do anything with those bulky black ones. They’d be fine when I’m sitting still (when that ever happens) or watching a movie or maybe even sleeping. But I need something I can still sit here and type in. And work my mouse (no, I don’t use a touch-pad. Never could master the silly thing.)

Its a bright beautiful day here, though a little on the chilly side. Still not as cold as normal for this time of year. That’s usually a bad omen. Last time this happened, it snowed in like…April. Granted, snow for us is a 2 inch dusting, but, we totally spazz. CLOSE THE STATE!!! AAAHHH!!! We’re more prepared for a zombie apocalypse down here than we are a bit of snow…lmao. Okay, at least I am.

I can hardly wait for the zombie apocalypse. 😀

I’ve started a little holiday shopping today. Granted, I dont really have anyone to buy much for. The kid wants money. Easy. One year, I gave her $200.00, however the catch was it was all in $1 bills, stuffed in 200 individual sealed envelopes, then stuffed into her stocking.

She didnt find it nearly as humorous as I did.

So after I postie this up, I’m going to be a good girl and give my hands and wrists a rest and put the stupid braces on. Maybe I’ll cuddle fat cat and take a nap.  🙂

Dec 11, 2014 : Challenges and Contests

challenge-considered-smiley-emoticonI’ve decided, since I’m giving my eyes and brain a little break from working on The Path of Redemption, that I will fill some of my time, while still writing and getting some of this creativity out, by entering writing challenges and contests.

Some contests require a fee, and as long as it isn’t something outrageous, I’ll consider it. But I’ve found a lot that are free to enter.

My hopes are that these little challenges and contests will boost my confidence, while also helping me branch out as a writer by provoking me to write different genres, different styles and different narratives. I’ve spent the last thirteen years pretty much just writing one particular style. I want to expand, explore, and really put this wordy brain of mine to the test.

If I happen to win something along the way…YAY. If not, well, that’s a lesson in rejection, something every writer has to learn to deal with.

Blogging has been something new and exciting as well. Some days I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to share. Or, when those little feelings of low self esteem are lingering about, I think ‘no one is going to read it anyway’. But I still push myself to do it. My topics aren’t the best, they may not hold attention, but I’m trying, and I’m putting myself out there. That’s something I can say I didn’t have the self confidence to do a year ago. I feel I’ve come quite a ways.

In this blogging endeavor, I’ve found a treasure trove of wonderful blogs to read and learn from, people to interact with. People I can sympathize and empathize with. Its been great. The stories, the poetry, the humorous and serious blogs. All of it wonderful.

It has inspired me. I want to put myself out there more. I want to challenge myself. I want to explore what I’m capable of. I want to dig into my brain and break it from its normal routine and writing habits.

Somewhere along the way I’ll learn how to use all this social media as well. LOL. It is the bane of my existence.

Besides, what else have I got to do while waiting for the zombie apocalypse?

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