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Who’s on my Bookcase: Mira Grant


Seanan McGuire, AKA Mira Grant; photo by Carol Billingsley

Mira Grant is the pen name for Seanan McGuire. Using both names, she had produced some of the most wonderful books.

Today, we will look at her work under the Mira Grant pen name.

My first experience was at the insistence of a friend of what a good zombie book ‘Feed’ was. I, however, couldn’t sit and read through it due to some of the politics in the book. My brain just couldn’t wrap around it.

I put it down and came back to it at a later day, and BOOM! I was hooked. By that time, the second book in the trilogy was out, ‘Deadline’, so my ravenous eyes devoured that book as well.

Then came the patient wait for ‘Blackout’, the book to close it all together.

Mind you, Ms. Grant is also a pro at the short story/novella style of writing as well. To go along with the Feed trilogy, she also put out the following novellas:

  • Please Do Not Taunt The Octopus
  • The Day The Dead Came To Show And Tell
  • How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea
  • The Last Stand Of The California Browncoats
  • Countdown
  • Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box


Now, mind you, all these little novellas fall into the Feed universe, so they may intertwine, loop and reveal some details here and there.

This woman has a very unique take on the zombie apocalypse and how it would start. That’s what I love about it…it has an actual, really in-depth reason for the whole ‘dead munching on the living’ scenario. This woman does her homework.


Next comes the Parasite trilogy. Parasite, Symbiont and Chimera. I have made my way through Parasite so far, and love it. I haven’t finished the trilogy yet, but based on the first book, hot damn.


And finally, Mira Grant has a new book out. ‘Into the Drowning Deep’. I really want to get through the Parasite trilogy before I dive into her newest.



Mira Grant is one of those writers that knows how to hook you with a unique prospective on old topics. She managed to meld zombies, politics and a peak into the future so superbly.


Sadly, I have not read any of the books written under her true name, Seanan McGuire. My best friend has read them and loves them. It’s a huge collection of books, however, and I need more time to work on one name at a time.


I highly recommend the ‘Feed’ trilogy and all the novellas that go with it.


Five huge stars!!!


Happy reading, my darlings!


What’s on my bookcase: Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight

61BV4Eppf7L._UX250_Stephen Knight is one of those authors I just happened to stumble over…and it was instant love. I read one of his books on my best friends Kindle and fell in love.

I had to have the book. I tootle on over to his page and BAM! He has a whole series!!! I had to have them all. He actually has two different series, but, me being me, stuck to the zombie series.

What makes Stephens Knight’s zombies in the Gathering Dead series so great, is that some are slow, some are fast…and some remember. That’s right! They have memories of people, loved ones, how to do things like drive (badly) and use weapons.

I was floored by this. And of course, you are going to fall in love with a character only to watch them go out blazing. Or whimpering.

The Last Town was just a series of novellas, but I know see they have been condensed into one book. The Gathering Dead and The Rising Horde, as well as Left with the Dead have also been condensed into an omnibus.

If you love zombie tales, that have a very good grounding in a reality type world, these are the books for you. Great characters and plots. Even those you are meant to hate are written to perfection.

I don’t know what his other series is about, just from titles and cover art, they seem more sci-fi. Not quite my bag.

Another thing that is so great about these books, especially with them being zombie books, is they touch you as a human. It’s not all about zombies, nom, nom, nom, shoot, shoot, shoot. No, these books touch deeper into the lives of the people trying to survive. It nearly had me in tears several times, and that is a pretty heard feat to accomplish.

So, as the weather gets a little cooler, and you want to snuggle up with some good reading material, zombies and people, this is a good series. 10/10 on my scale. Great for reading through October.

I hope you check these books out, and if so, enjoy them as much as I have. I am waiting for more, as the end seeeeemed to be left open for a continuation. But Mr Knight is involved in several other projects, so that remains to be seen.

Happy reading!

Be sweet, my darlings!




So my lovely friend Patricia sent me a loot box! Oh, so many wonderful little things inside!

Jeffrey decided he wanted in on the pic, so dont mind him. As you can see, there is some really wonderful stuff here. A Nintendo Controller Over Mitt, A Zombie Book, A Game of Thrones Action Figure, A Lootbin Pin, A Space Invaders Figure, A Tea Cup w/Spoon, an Arpon with puppies on it, some hair rollers and Walking Dead ‘Ear’ Soap on a Rope.

2016-03-08 17.36.43

As you can imagine, with what a HUGE fan of Daryl Dixon on TWD I am, the EARS!! ZOMG!! LOVE!

2016-03-08 17.36.49


Now, the oven mitt and Game of Thrones Figure? I barely got the chance to say ‘mine’ when quickly that thought was proven wrong as my daughter-spawn cackled and ran off with them. She is a Game of Thrones nerd. Well, she’s just  a nerd. Period.


Now, Patricia, I gotta ask…the hair rollers? REALLY?!?! WOMAN! You know I had to get all my hair cut off. I AINT GOT NO HAAAAR! lmao. Honestly, I do have a bit on top. What will I do with these rollers? Probably put them in my hair and go to WalMart. Just to see peoples reactions.


So thank you so much, Patricia!!! Everything is so wonderful.


Currently I am enjoying a week of peace. Okay, thats stretching it. I am between courses this week. I am starting a new one and from the looks of it, I am really going to need my brain for it. Just looking at the assignments breaks my brain. ~wails~ WHAT DID YOU PEOPLE LET ME DO THIS?!?! (remember, I warned you all I would regret this ‘continued education thing?) Honestly, its not that bad…so far. >_>


The kittehs are doing well. BaxterMarie isnt really growing any. She’s like a miniature cat. Its adorable, especially next to Jeffrey who is getting rather fat. They have a wonderful bond, too. The groom one another, they rough house, they knock my stuff over. -_-


The child-spawn is well, too, other than stealing my stuff.


The book, while on hold, is still making progress. Sometimes something will come to me out of the blue and it makes for a good chapter or add-on, so I write in all down in a word document. Its nice not having the pressure.


So, that is how things are going in the Zoe world.


~hugs and squishes darlings~

30 Day Challenge: Day 26

30 day challenge

Day 26: What are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Oh, a good one, because despite being so anti-people and anti-touch, there are things out there that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Of course, cats and kittens top that list.

My coffee.

The sound of waves at the beach, or even the slight ripple of wind across the bay. I love water sounds.

Thunderstorms…lightning, thunder, sideways rain. Tornado and hurricane weather.

The smell of sandalwood.

The smell of the fireplace in the winter.

Pumpkin spice everything.

Fall…more for the smells than anything. People raking up the dead and fallen leaves in their yards and burning them – love that smell.

Zombies. I just get all warm and fuzzy at the hopes of a zombie apocalypse.

Best Buy and Office Depot. Lawdy, I could spend a fortune.

Mens forearms. I dont know what it is about a nice looking set of forearms.

Coming up with an idea for a story or RP and getting it work on it and it just flows from me, from start to finish. RPs especially.

Getting my monthly B-12 injection. Not, not warm and fuzzy, however, it gives me a chance to ask my daughter to kiss my butt, and those moments are precious.

Holding hands. I am not one for the touchy feely stuff, but holding hands is nice.

Sugar cookies, the moist and chewy kind.

Butter cookies with my hot coffee.

Talking to people online and them making you feel better about yourself, your situation and life in general more than people face to face do. I think its because when you express yourself online to someone, you have to put extra effort into it to really convey your sincerity.

Big trucks.

Big trucks with big tires.

When my daughter does things without me asking.

When my daughter is affectionate and lovey with no alterior motive…lol.

Watching the wild life on my property. Deer, turkey, wolves, coyotes, the occasional cow…

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

30 day challenge

Day 24: Seven things that cross your mind a lot

Exactly how far back in the property could I hide a body?

Do I really need just one more cup of coffee?

I think I need one more cup of coffee…

I need to restock in case of a Zombie Apocalypse…

I should get a manual typewriter, plenty of ribbon and paper in for the Zombie Apocalypse, that way I can keep writing…

I wonder just how often he thinks of me…

My swords need to be cleaned and sharpened…

After Time: A short story

Hello my darlings! Tonight we will have only one story. It was based on a 3 word prompt, and it sort of took on a life of its own. I am seriously considering continuing on with it. For now, I will share what I’ve written thus far. Enjoy!

The 3 words given to work into the story:

1. hospital
2. death
3. Mice

They had made it to the hospital just in time. The sun was just dipping down beneath the horizon.
This was the third hospital, and hopefully this one wasn’t another bust. They prayed. They needed medical supplies, food, and water…anything that could be scavenged. They had to do it quietly, however.
You could only be outside during the daylight hours, so those precious hours were spent traveling from place to place, scavenging, looking for survivors, or running from the more malicious survivors who’d kill you for what you had.
The world had gone to hell.
Oh, no. No nuclear holocaust. No great war. Hell, it wasn’t even zombies or vampires.
No one quite knew what this was.
This…epidemic…when it started…seemed to affect only certain people. Something in their genetic make-up, or blood. Or maybe the chemical balance in their brains. No one was ever able to figure it out. What was known, was that it was an epidemic that was created. For what purpose was a mystery. Whoever created it in their little petri dish died long ago, probably patient one.
Now the afflicted roamed the night. They brought death and despair. And as said, they were not zombie or vampires. Perhaps an odd mix of both. Yes, they would bite you. Eat you. Devour you. But they were not dead. They were alive. It’s just like a switch got turned off in their brains and they became…inhuman.
And this affliction was transmittable. Only through saliva though, not scratches.
Oh, at first it wasn’t, and they thought they could beat this thing and regain control of the world.
It mutated. Somewhere in its travels over the oceans and back it mutated.
Animals were not affected by this…thing. Well, except birds. And that seemed to bring on a devastating loss all on its own. Everywhere the damned birds shit, things died. The vegetation was dying. No vegetation meant no bigger herbivores to hunt and sustain human life.
The dead or dying wasn’t touched by anything either. Worms and flies. Rats and mice. Their little noses told them ‘no, you don’t want to eat this’.
Rumors circulated around that people were starting to cannibalize other people up in the northern country. These…things…didn’t seem to like the cold much, so a lot of people moved north. The cold weather may have protected them from these things, but not from their fellow man and starvation.
Medical supplies were the currency of the realm. If you could get enough good stuff, you could bargain your way into a small group. It was always best to be in a group.
It may sound cruel, but it was always safest to get into a group with older people and young children. Those whose bodies had been weakened from malnutrition and the harshness of the times.
The strong prey on the weak. These…things…didn’t like to have to work overly hard for their meal.
The world was really cruel now. The weak were sacrificed.
Some people tried to get into the CDC’s and whatnot. It was heard that some had actually made it. That was in the beginning though.
They didn’t know if anyone was still working on figuring things out in the CDC’s and World Health Organizations. They didn’t know if any of them were still alive.
The power grids were out pretty much everywhere. No phones, no cellphones, no TV. Some people did have CB radios and walkie talkies, but they were good for any distance.
They didn’t have either. They were a small group. It was just the five of them. They were going from hospital to hospital, clinic to clinic, searching for anything they could get. They did have motorcycles, one of them having a small box like trailer to it to carry things. They were hoping to find a small community with fences or some sort of alarm and warning system.
They’d been in a group before. They had been attacked. After that, they found another group to live with, but that group didn’t have good judgement. Others came, joined, and turned on them. Stealing all the food and supplies, doing horrible things to their fellow survivors.
They thought if after this supply run, maybe they could find their own place, just the five of them. It was risking, being such a small group, but it had its advantages, too.
With some luck, they found plenty in this particular hospital. Apparently no one else had raided it because it was burned out on one side. People probably thought there was nothing salvageable.
But they were in luck. In the cafeteria there were loads of canned goods and dried pastas. In the medical wards there were all the supplies one could hope for. Medications, pain killers, bandages…just…everything.
They whispered together about maybe trying to fortify this place. Not leave. Make it a home for the five of them. They knew one another well. They trusted one another. It could work.
They went back to the cafeteria and fortified it. They’d spend a few days here. Talk things over, come to a decision.
They couldn’t hear the moans and scuffling of feet in the parking garage. And none thought to look there.

2015. Yeah, its here. My lucky year?


So its officially 2015. The year I try to create my own luck.

Fat cat is refusing to stay off my desk so I can type this. I put her down, she jumps back up. I put her down, she growls and whines then jumps back up. I am so her bitch.

My plans for this year?

Hope and pray that The Road of Darkness sells and is enjoyed by people.

Publish the follow-up book ‘The Path of Redemption’ by the spring, maybe around April or May?

Publish at least two more books in an unrelated series that I have done. Those are mature audience books. Smut. ~grins~

Stop being so nice to people who don’t deserve it. That isn’t a negative statement. I have a bad habit of being nice to people who generally treat me like poo. I don’t need those people in my life. Its time to cut them out.

Lose some more weight and firm up some of the jigglies from the last 100lbs I’ve lost.

Mourn the loss of my bewbs.

Rejoice in my better, fit body.

Travel as much as I can when the opportunity presents itself.

Get my passport renewed.

Try my hand at entering writing competitions and contest. Whats the worse that can happen? I lose? I think it will be helpful in my attempts at writing short stories and flash fiction.

Try different writing styles.

Stop eating noodles so much. Okay, that’s not going to happen.

Open up and offer whatever help I can to aspiring authors. Be it advice on totally indie-publishing, writing tips, things to avoid, to cross promotion and interviews.

Write a list of my mistakes and share it so others can avoid the same mishaps in their journey of self publishing.

Promote myself more. How? I dunno.

Keep up this winning streak of not cussing and cursing on my blog. You people just don’t know that I actually have a vocabulary to make a drunken sailor blush. When I run out of the good curse words, hell, I just start making them up.

Get more organized. I am generally pretty organized as it is, but really, I could do with an overhaul.

Revamp my office. A good space for writing needs to make you feel comfortable. At the moment, my office isn’t offering me comfort. Time to get rid of some of my silly toys and clutter.

Remind my kid that she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and not to just ‘settle’. She is worth way more than she thinks.

Blogger and google+. I should interact there more. It just gives me the heebies sometimes.

Facebook. Continue hating it and wishing it would burn down.

Learn to do the tweeter twitter thingymabob more.

Keep interacting with people. WordPress has become my happy place.

Keep hoping for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Well, that’s all that comes to my foggy mind at the moment.

~takes a superhero stance~ Off to the coffee machine! ~flies~

The horror…the horror…


So, I haven’t done much of anything productive today. Haven t written, haven’t worked on my journal…

I have been reading blogs though!


Yes, I am finding so many things I think are so sharable.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled…well…whatever it is that you do when not actually looking at my page…

oh…stop touching’ll go blind!!! ~sage nods~ >_>

2014 Year in review


So everyone is posting their ‘Year in Review’ stats from WordPress.

Not I.

Why? Its embarrassing. Its shameful. I. Am. A. Loser.

My stats are so pathetic. Granted, I’ve only had this thing running for a few months, but I guess I had unrealistic expectations. I mean, really, I added a donate button – one lovely person offered a donation. I added a ‘Gofundme’….0…zero…zip…nada… I even tweaked it a little, lowered the goal, etc..



I managed to lose 100 pounds of gushy fat. I am much healthier. I am no longer on medications for high cholesterol and blood pressure, no longer having to test my blood sugar every day for diabetes type II, which is gone. I can walk and climb stairs without huffing and puffing. I lost some of my bewbs, but man, my ass looks awesome 😉

I had to buy a new wardrobe. Okay, to most girls they scream and swoon over such things. Not me. It was an inconvenience. New shoes, too, because my feel don’t swell up like sausages anymore.

I still have COPD, which I will have forever.

I quit smoking.

I started smoking again. Okay, Okay…I dropped the ball there. However, I don’t smoke nearly as much, and I don’t smoke in the house anymore. I go outside. And sometimes its either too damn hot, or too damn cold, so I don’t smoke.

I wrote three books. Granted, I have 15 on my hard-drive, but 3 are ready for polishing and editing and publishing.

I’ve dove in to social media. I think its landing on the ‘fail’ side at the moment. I’ll get better over time though. I have met quite a few bloggers who keep me motivated and are, in their own way, showing me the do’s and dont’s.

I published a book. Its failing so far, but hey, I put myself out there. I will continue to do so.

I entered and completed my first NaNoWriMo.

I have done NaBloPoMo two straight months, and plan on keeping it going.

I have not had a blood-clot in my leg in about a year. My left leg will always be thicker than the right, but I’ve been extra careful about not banging in to things and bruising myself. Blood thinners are no fun for a klutz like me.

I have tolerated very much bullshit without murdering anyone. THAT is a real accomplishment.

I still have one of the best friends anyone could ask for. Though there are miles between us, its one of those friendships were we can go without talking on the phone for a week or more, and then call one another and pick back up right were we left off.

I have a great kid. She’s an idiot, but I love her.

I have a wonderful family. We’re dispersed all over the world, but that doesn’t stop our shenanigans.

I have read many many great works of art…not just books, but blogs. There are so many talented people in this world. Its a precious thing.

Later today I plan on whipping out my pen and paper and making my list for the coming year. My goals I hope to achieve. My dreams. My wants and needs. I’ll post that tomorrow.

So until next year…or unless I decide to blog again today…

Happy New Year All.

BE SAFE!!! BE RESPONSIBLE!!! You don’t know the lives you touch indirectly when it comes to being an online presence.


Oh, yeah…2015…hopefully the year of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! GO WORLD ANNIHILATION!!!

Gettin' real tired….


Yeah, getting real tired of having to be a grown up.

All I wanted to do was run to town and pretty much go window shopping. Alone. By myself. Sans company.

So that seemed okay…until.

Until I start getting ‘lists’ of things I should stop and pick up.

I didn’t want to deal with lines and crowds and checkouts. I just wanted to browse, and be alone to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at things I had no intention of purchasing.

Why can people not leave me alone enough to just go looking at stuff?

Then I got called selfish.

~head desks~

I totally give up on today. And its just barely 1pm. I am finally feeling better, pain-wise, and just wanted to get out of the house a little.

But no.

SO…being the stubborn mule that I am, I am camping out in my office today with the fat cat and locking the door. Piss on everyone.

I’ve been trying to write, but have been wholly uninspired. I have people on my games requesting RPs, and I just cant think of good starters or reasons for my character to be interacting with theirs. Its frustrating.

I just thought getting out of the house, ALONE, would refresh my mind, listening to some tunes as I drive, people watching, etc., might kick start something in my head.

But apparently I’m not allowed to step foot out of my own house without having to cater to everyone else’s needs.


My zombie apocalypse isn’t coming soon enough.

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