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Movie Review: Wolf Creek 1,2 & Series

Wolf Creek 1 & 2 Wolf Creek the Series (one season)   I took a day to myself to re-watch some of my favorite movies from Down Under. Australia puts out some really great horror movies, and movies based on … Continue reading

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Holiday card time…

  So the holiday season is upon us once again. One of my favorite things about the season is receiving mail and cards. I also really dig sending them as well, because I find some truly entertaining cards.   As … Continue reading

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Sick mama, sick fur-babies…

  Howdy All…   I’d love to be able to tell you all is right in the world in Zoe-Land, but alas, it is not.   I was taken down by a terrible stomach/intestinal flu for the last few days. … Continue reading

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Who’s on my Bookcase: Mira Grant

Seanan McGuire, AKA Mira Grant; photo by Carol Billingsley Mira Grant is the pen name for Seanan McGuire. Using both names, she had produced some of the most wonderful books. Today, we will look at her work under the Mira … Continue reading

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