Tropical Storms…yay…


So, I am getting all the harsh easterly side of Tropic Storm Nate, down along south east Alabama. I am getting this short post in before the next tide of raging wind and rain comes in and kills my power…again.

So far, nothing has been too damaging. A lot of wind, but nothing has blown out of my yard. The scary part is when the winds stop for a while. That’s a good time for this muggy weather and storm clouds to churn up tornadoes.

So, I’ve been on my kindle and tablet doing things here and there. Mostly reading, and keeping them charged.

Today is excellent nap weather!


To all of you in my same area, or about to get these winds and rains…best of luck to you!

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4 Responses to Tropical Storms…yay…

  1. Hoping you get through this safely!

    • zoeambler says:

      Yes, I am catting as much as possible. All wrapped up in my way too big hoodie, even though its like 89 degrees out there…lol…hubby loves his cold AC

  2. Corina says:

    I can only imagine as I’ve never been in the path of a tropical storm or worse. I hope you are safe and not too inconvenienced by this bad boy Nate.

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