Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

Upcoming Changes…a good Thing?


Howdy folks! Bet y’all thought I got stuck under a rock again, didn’t you?


Well, anything but!

In the coming days, there will be some changes, if you havent noticed some changes around the site already.

The website is going to be going into maintenance mode with a flashy splash screen and all as I spent a week or two revamping the site by hand.


I am also going to be changing the way things are run around here, starting with more content and exciting stuff. Not just my rambling  and short stories, but we will have movie and book reviews, music lists and other fun little things. I am dedicated to offering more content on a more regular basis.


I am going to streamline the site some, get rid of the clutter to make it a nice and friendly place no matter what medium is used for viewing, be it PC, tablet or phone.


So, to my lovelies out there…be patient. In a few days I’ll be closing up for a bit to do some serious work and tinkering…then we’ll be back in business.


Love your guts!!! ~pointedly looks to Patricia~





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