So, apparently, I was hacked. Multiple accounts. My site, my Facebook, my Twitter and Tumblr…and my Skype.

So, my deepest apologies to any of you who received weird links from me, and scamming stuff. I truly had no idea.


Just goes to show that no matter how creative you get with passwords, someone will get around it.


And at first, I wasn’t able to get around it. I had to enlist help.


However, hopefully, everything is sorted, and my precious site and my precious readers are safe from any malicious links or people pretending to be me.


I am deeply sorry to you all.


Enjoy the piece of smut a recently posted. Some people will accept that as currency. LOL.


Love you all!!!


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4 Responses to Hacked!!!

  1. Matt Bowes says:

    So, Zoe, that million bucks you promised me if I sent you $10,000 via Western Union, that wasn’t you?

    Aw, crud.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      Nope, sorry…If you donate $20,000 I could assure you that you will win that $10,000. Minus some fees, of course. ~.^

      • Matt Bowes says:

        That’s what I was afraid of.

        How’d they hack everything, anyway?

        • Zoe Ambler says:

          Sorry for the late response. I hate to admit, but I am not very saavy when it comes to internet security and social networking and such. It has been a learning process for me. I suppose I just made passwords too simple, too obvious, or someone was just that good to get into some of my accounts. I know they didnt get into my computer, as I have other accounts and they went untouched. Only accounts designated for me at Zoe were messed with. Perhaps my Zoe Ambler doppleganger is trying to ruin me!!

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