November 2016 Dy 15


No word count on todays NaNoWriMo, mostly due in fact that I am hosting a Write In down at the library and will be doing my writing then. So, it will be later tonight before I get my writing in and get that word count. Only 15 days left to go!! WOOT!


So now on to BlogHer


Todays prompt:

Nov. 15: What are the best/worst dishes at Thanksgiving dinner?


Well, I don’t like turkey too much, so my go to is ham. I made the best glaze for my ham one year, and it was just sort of a toss things together sort of thing. I never wrote down what exactly I had done. And now I don’t remember it at all.


My biggest fail was trying to cook a turkey. I was trying to have something everyone liked. Well, you cant bake a ham and a turkey at the same time. Who knew? So, yeah, turkey didn’t get cooked all the way. And that was the year I tried stuffing rather than cornbread dressing. DISASTER!


I also bake a lot. I’ve had apple pie disasters, muffins that just were so dry to could use them as charcoal brickets.


Some things I never fail at are the yeast clover rolls and the giblet gravy. They always turned out awesome. And, of course, my cranberry sauce comes from a can…how can you mess that up? 🙂


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2 Responses to November 2016 Dy 15

  1. Maybe a dumb question… but why can’t you bake a ham and turkey at the same time? Oven size issue, or is there some secret alchemical formula that results in explosions?

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      oven size issues. When I got this house, I got all the furnished kitchen things. I cant barely cook a large pizza in that thing. ~cries~ We wont even discuss how many times I’ve burnt myself on the upper heating element trying to pull something off the rack.

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