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November 2016 Day 6



So, another day with no prompt from NaBloPoMo, however, I do have something to blog about that has a little more meat on its bones than yesterday. Yesterday, you’ll have to forgive me for that, I was just plain exhausted.

Todays word count on working with NaNoWriMo has reached 2178 giving me a total of 14809 so far. Woo. Go me!!!

So, the other day as I hosted a Write In for NaNoWriMo at a local library, one of the people in attendance wanted to talk politics and religion. I NEVER talk about either. I don’t care about either, and when it comes to politics, I just am not educated enough to toss my hat into a debate.

Anyway, my mental health was brought up into things somehow. This woman had the audacity to tell me mental health issues were basically a ‘sham’ putting people on expensive medications and whatnot. And my schizophrenia symptoms, such as the auditory hallucinations, were actually demons, because I didn’t believe in one supreme god.

Really, lady? Really?

I ended the conversation by doing something incredibly Zoe-like like dropping something… Or actually maybe someone had texted me at just the right time… I don’t specifically remember at this moment.

Yesterday… same person… The library hosted a Publishing seminar as told by two different authors’ perspectives. After the first speaker, I retreated to my truck for a quick smoke break… she followed, then commenced with bashing and criticizing the first speaker. She just didn’t understand the concept the first speaker was trying to convey, that was no reason to bash the woman simply because you didn’t get the gist of things.

Ugh. Close minded people. ‘Pushy’ people. They irritate me. But I have to be nice and smiley because I am representing both the library system and NaNoWriMo.

I also pitched to the library system that I would love to host a Creative Writing seminar a could of times a year leading up to NaNoWriMo. I think it would be both good for me and working through my social anxiety, but it would also draw more of the public in, and hopefully gain a few more members come November for NaNo.

Whew. My mind has been running non stop. I am still mentally exhausted. I won’t even talk about the weird dream I had when I first woke up from my nap. Too weird, and for me, a tad heartbreaking. We’ll save that for another time.

So be well, my lovelies!





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