Whats wrong with me? :[


So, I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, other than on my short story sites where I’m posting like a demon to get these short story compilations out. Most of them are already here on this blog, but there are about 30 more over on Jukepop, Wattpad, Tablo, Bublish, Medium, and of course, Niume. Go to Niume. Go to Niume. Read all the stories, drink all the coffee! Go to Niume.

I decided to do a bit of rearranging this weekend. You know me, my bright ideas. BLAGH. I got rid of the loveseat that was here in my office, and then today I was digging through a box to put my lovely pretties on my bookcase tops and whatnot and BAM! Sliced up on arm on something in that box. Dont know what it was, but ironixlly enough, I keep all my medical supplies in there. >.<

So I was bleeding like a stuck pigs, the wound is deep, but not long. I grabbed a dirty handtowel and wrapped it up and went to the ER for stitches. I was there for roughly 3 hours. Maybe longer. I didnt wear my watch, but it felt like forever.

I’m back here at home and not going near that box any time soon.

The office is coming together nicely though. Not that it didnt look smashing before, but it was time for a change. And without the loveseat I have much more floor space for the kitties.


The kitties on catnip. 🙂

Just thought everyone would like to see the kitties, because…KITTIES!

I’ll be taking it easy and uploading more short stories to Niume and Medium. ~whispers in your ear~ GO READ.

~squishes my loves~


One response to “Whats wrong with me? :[

  • Patricia Appelquist (@AppelquistP)

    okay…Zoe…not sure what to say here but maybe you should get a dog…a guide dog maybe..I mean I adore the cats but maybe you need a dog to kinda help you be adult and maybe not move around furniture ( that pt for your back must be awesome ).

    Glad you got to see the Doctor …i have not and i have a sinus infection that may turn me into a zombie ..wait you’d love that…okay I am taking more meds but you should look into getting a dog…just saying maybe a seeing eye one…opposed to a guide to living your life dog …the cats look really busy doing something else (rock paper sissors on who gets to eat your nose first?)

    I KID I KID …don’t flame me too much unless it will get rid of my sinus infection…did I mention I am on some serious OTC meds …okay maybe get a stuffed dog.

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