A call for old fashioned letter writing!


Most of you know I love to practice the old school lost artform of handwritten letters.So, I’m putting the call out there for those of you who would like to be ‘pen pals’ and ‘snail mail’ buddies.


I would like to ask for your birthday, too, because HELLO…birthday cards!!!


If you would like to be put on my little list, simply email me your info to


I will keep it good, safe and confidential. And you will recieve silly little scribings from myself and cards.


Entertain me folks! Be my buddeh!




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5 Responses to A call for old fashioned letter writing!

  1. adamjasonp says:

    I prefer email. It’s cheaper, and… almost nobody uses it for personal contact anymore either. 🙁 Besides, I’m not very good with cursive… or pen-paling— something I’ve managed to do but also manage to fall short of having anything to say…

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