One Year Ago: The day my heart shatttered

ChesterAnn Cuteness

One year ago today my heart broken into a million pieces.


The loss of my Fat Cat – ChesterAnn – devastated me. The vet had worked weeks to try to pull her through, but in the end, she passed away.


My office has become quite the shrine to her memory. And even with getting 3 new cats, there is a void that she left behind.


ChesterAnn was like no other cat I have ever had. There will be no other cat with her distinct personality…and personality she had in loads.


So today I’ll mope around, look through pictures, talk to the other cats about her. I’ll snivel a little. Okay, maybe a lot.



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3 Responses to One Year Ago: The day my heart shatttered

  1. Reblogged this on Books and More and commented:
    A moment of silence for the anniversary of a lost loved one.

  2. Guy Hogan says:

    Our pets become family…

  3. Zoe Ambler says:

    Yes, our pets become so much more in our lives than we imagine, and their loss is so devastating. 🙁

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