Hard pressed goal reached…



So, I managed to complete Camp NaNoWriMo.


Let me tell you, it was a task. Crazy head full of ideas, but getting them out of the head and on to the page was an entirely other matter.


I managed.


In other news, well, there isnt much other news. Not at the time. Things are just ambling along at a snails pace. I find myself flip flopping on what I want to do at any given time.


I have made some purchases for myself lately, however. Mostly books…whodathunkit?


I did managed to find this ADORABLE trinket box that looks like an old fashioned tyepwriter. I’ll snaps some pics when it comes in. I also found a coaster set that looks like an old timey typewriter as well.


I love the look of old time typewriters, but honestly, I wouldnt want one. I wouldnt use it. I love my PC and laptops. Besides, if I ever get that craving some writers do to hear the clickity clack and dings of a real typewriter, I have a program for that. Sometimes I turn it on when writing. Only thing is, I forget to turn it off and striking any key will clank, and its worse when I put my headphones on. Yeah, it can be loud.


The kittehs are all doing well. Terrible as always. The daughter is doing well, too. Also terrible.


I had lunch last week with my lovely friend Stephanie down in Dothan. It was great, and getting out of my safety zone and talking with someone face to face was so nice. I had been feeling burdened, or low, and that perked me right up.


Well, off for now. This Alabama heat is killing me. It wouldnt be so bad if it werent so humid!


Love and squishes my dears!

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