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One Step Closer…

So, remember when I adopted little abandoned BaxterMarie? Well, one of the vet techs in the office had adopted her twin. The poor girl called me the day before yesterday, just in tears. Her older cat wasnt adapting to the new kitten. He was becoming physically ill.


She immediately thought of me. The reason, she states, is because of how quickly I took BaxterMarie into my care, and how when the late ChesterAnn was ill, I spared no expense to try to get her well again.


So this tech called and asked if I would please take in BaxterMaries sister, Harley Quinn. I said yes, of course.

Here she is, she looks just like Baxter, only long haired with a fluffy tail.


Now, there is immediate hatred going on up in this house. Jeffrey Jones, for the most part, is indifferent. Quinn hisses and snarls at him, he growls back, but does his own thing.


BaxterMarie on the other hand…well…these two clearly hate each other at the moment. Quinn is MUCH louder than Baxter. That intimidates Baxter.


Just like adapting Jeffrey to Baxter, we will transition all these kittehs to one another, and things will smooth out. Its just going to take some time, and the occasional mauling. Yes, Quinn has mauled my once already when I was kindly showing her where the poop box was.


So, the house is quite the snarling, growling and hissing circus right now.


But I’m one step closer to being a REAL crazy cat lady!!!


~loves and squishes~



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