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We have love…

2015-11-17 18.15.15


Jeffrey Jones has taken to loving BaxterMarie into the family.


Both has to visit the vet today for different reasons. Both are healthy, however.


I swear, come 3AM, its like the Talladega Motor Speedway up in this house with the way the two of them tear through it chasing and playing with each other.


The above picture though, well, its a special moment. Its the first time they have cuddled and slept together. Jeffrey was in the seat first, and BaxterMarie jumped up there. At first Jeff didnt now what to make of it, but as he isnt feeling up to par, he just went with it.


In other news, I have broken the 50000 word count goal of NaNoWriMo already, but still have SO much work to do for Book Two. ~sigh~


In gaming, well, I think I have totally lost faith in people and those games. Perhaps I set my expectations and hopes too high on people, especially people who were once close friends or who have indicated that they wished to pursue more things with my characters and theirs, and then leave me high and dry.


Back to NaNoWriMo – this past weekend was our regular Write In on Saturday, but we followed up with a Mid-Way Party of sorts. I just brought some extra goodies and pizza. I love this eclectic group of people who come in for the events. Sometimes we dont see the same faces, but there has been one constant face there that makes me giggle. I, of course, end up chatting more than writing. Or cracking jokes. Or, well, just being me…me and my weirdness. To know me is to love me. Or wanna push me off a brigde 😛


I hope you  are all doing well in both your lives and your ventures, whatever they may be. If you are a Wrimo, well, WRITE ON!!


Be sweet, my darlings! ~squishes~




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