Hosting my 1st NaNoWriMo Event: The Kick-Off


So yesterday I hosted my first of many NaNoWriMo events. The Kick Off party.

I think it turned out great, with more people showing than I had thought.

One of the greatest things was meeting people face to face that I had only talked to via the NaNo forums and mail. Everyone was absolutely incredible.

We chatted about writing and NaNo, past events, plotting, genres, and, well, just loads of stuff.

We even have 3 little ones there. Two second graders and one third grader. They are brother and sisters, so they will be working on their NaNo project together, which will be amazing for them.

Thanks to our library system we will have future party events and write-ins, which are bound to be fantastic.

I think I handled myself pretty well, I didnt commit any homocides, and I didnt run anyone over with my truck on the drive home (it was dark, I dont like driving in the dark, then factor in road rage >_> )

So, this NaNo season is kicking off with a great start. We are already prepping for the end of NaNo party, well, the secondary one, for grown ups only. (Bring on the booze!)

With NaNo kicking off on Sunday, I plan on finishing a 1000 (no more, no less) short story I have been working on, and GAMING! In my current favorite game, my characters are in a masquerade party. Its a community event on the forum, and no one knows what character is posting as who, so, basicly, you are dressed up. I have to have my final posts posted to the thread by 11:00PM on Halloween. There will be little forum prizes and stuff, I just joined in for the fun of it. I hadnt participated last year, and came up with some clever costume ideas for my characters, so…yeah.

Once Sunday hits…I will once again be living in my coffee shop, because there are too many things distracting me here at home. At the coffee shop, on my laptop, I am limited, because my poor laptop is running so crappily that opening browsers takes forever…hence, I wont be gaming. I’ll have media player running, my headphones on, and my word document open. And my HAMMERHEADS!!! My sweet sweet hammerheads that only my girls know how to make just the way I like them.

So, my sweets, I will give updates here and there. Hopefully, after NaNo and some chopping and adding, and sending bits and pieces to my editor and beta readers, we’ll have a Book Two to be released before Summer/Fall of next year!! Woooo!

Be sweet, my darlings!


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9 Responses to Hosting my 1st NaNoWriMo Event: The Kick-Off

  1. Sounds fun and getting to meet other participants has to be great encouragement! I wish you luck with nano! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, so cute about the little ones! That sounds like fun to meet others, I am participating for the first time this year, really looking forward to it. Would love to go to a coffee shop too but don’t see that happening for me. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  3. Corina says:

    Are you having a midnight write in? I’m going to ours. It’s at one of the airport coffee shops. Great energy to be had from writing with others!

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      We dont have anything for nights, or midnight, but we are planning an adult only end of event party just for the booze…lol. We are doing our write ins at the library so that the kids can make it without worry of school and after school activities and stuff. Plus, the library has bent over backwards to give us a GREAT room to hold these events.

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