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So, I tried writing up that ending to a smut piece yesterday. Not happy with it. It will be on hold.

I am dicontent with many things at the moment. It happens. Sometimes things are moving along so nicely, then BAM! I’m all out of happy.

I have a fancy new TV I use as a monitor… I have decided I dont like it. I either want my original one back, or a newer, bigger one. I’ve been looking at newer bigger ones. Nothing goes to waste in this house. My daughter would get this one. Its twice the size of the normal PC monitor she currently has.

I wanted to go to the coffee shop today, but cant. My daughter needed my laptop. I cant say no to her. So, I cant get any work done from the coffee shop.

And at the same time, I dont really want to get that work done.

I guess you could say I feel a whole lot of apathy today.

Weather reports speak of a cold front moving in this weekend, dropping the temperatures a lot and such. This doesnt please me in the least.

In trying to look at the positives around me, my daughter is doing okay in furthering her education, and my sister will be here next week for us to get things finalized for her wedding. Her wedding gives me a few tasks to take care of. Something to pull me out of the Vortex of Doom and peek my head out into the real world again.

My best friend is really sick, but she is half way across the country. And she is traveling. It worries me. I wish she could just stay home and rest. Though, with my warped sense of humor, I asked her if she died if I could have all her stuff. >_>

The month of October will bring more sporradic posts. I’ve been trying to make a post a day. October and November change that. I have NaNoWriMo to think about. I have a book to write. I’ve been working on it here and there. The ending keeps evolving and changing.

Well, I guess I’ve just rambled enough for now.

Be sweet, my darlings.

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