Windows 10 Test drive Update


So, I really starting liking Windows 10. So much, that I put it on my rig (my big main computer).

People who ask me what Windows 10 is like, well…I tell them its like awkward sex. It has all the familiarness, but is also kind of strange, and sometimes you dont know where to put what.

There are some quirks, however, and I’ve seen some of them addressed on different forums and articles.

Tonight, I discovered I can not sit and watch a DVD or Blu Ray movie on my rig.

The problem lies in the Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT driver and Windows 10. Others have complained. Yes, its a low end video card. But its been working fine and dandy…up until I try to watch a DVD or Blu Ray.

So far there are no new updates, patches or fixes for the driver crashing. Its frustrating.

I am learning the ins and outs of 10, however, and so far I am pleased with it. It does some neat things. And there are plenty of hacks and tweaks you can do to streamline things to make it a little more comfortable, giving it that old friendly Windows 7 feel, but with a splashy new appearance.

Thus far, I like it.

I know it will take time for patches and fixes for things.

As for my DVDs and Blu Rays, well, I do have a perfectly good 55″ TV and stuff… I just dont like sitting in the living room. Its not…my room. My office is my room…lol. I guess I can always watch the last twenty minutes of the DVD I was watching over on the laptop.

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