The ABC's of Me


Another little bit of fun randomness. Who else wants to play this one?

AAvailable: ~shrugs~ Depends on what Fat Cat thinks.

BBiggest Fear: Being buried alive. Or dead. Standing cremation orders.

CCrushing On: No one

DDrink You Had Last: coffee

EEasiest Person To Talk To: no one

FFavorite Song: Too many ‘favorites’ to choose just one

GGrossest Memory: When I got the drainage tube from my last surgery taken out after having it in for about two weeks. It left a hole, and was leaking…I hadnt realized it leaked through the flimsy bandaide the doctor put on it and it drained all down the summer dress I was wearing…while in the coffee shop.

HHometown: Enterprise, Al.

IIn Love With: Coffee, Cats and Writing

JJealous Of: A lot of things. I’m hateful that way.

K– Killed Someone: …Why? What have you heard? >:[

LLongest Relationship: 27 years

MMiddle Name: Dont have one

NNumber Of Siblings: Three.

OOne Wish: To be some sort of success in more than just the biased family members eyes.

PPerson Who You Called Last: Telemarketer.

QQuestions You’re Always Asked: How often do you change your funky hair colors? Do you do it yourself? How many tattoos do you have? Did they hurt?

RReason To Smile: I have none. I’m dead inside.

SSong You Last Sang: I sang my own rendition of ‘Roxanne’ by the Police to my Fat Cat. I replaced Roxanne with her proper name and changed the wording to cat related things. She was not impress. I was highly amused.

TTime You Woke Up: About two-fifteen today…granted, I didnt go to bed til about nine this morning.

UUnderwear Color: white with tie die purple marks

VViolent Moment You Had: I have them all the time and they are directed at myself. Last time I got like thirty stitches for slicing my arm.

WWorst Habit: Trying to please people, failing misably, then getting pissed off and self loathing.

XNumber Of X-Rays You’ve Had: I’d say four in my entire life, unless a heart Cath and Upper GI count.

ZZodiac Sign: Cancer.

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  1. adamjasonp says:

    Telemarketer. Dislike people, you say? 🙂

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