30 Day Challenge: Day 21

30 day challenge

Day 21: Turn on’s and off’s

Turn ons:


People who love cats

Big trucks and SUVs

Mens forearms. I dunno why. I find them sexy.



Talking about cats and coffee

Having someone I can sit in total silence with and it not be awkward

A great smile.

Being alone. I am one of those people who is perfectly content being cut off from the outside world (as far as interacting with others). Give me high speed internet, my Rig or Laptop, my cat and my coffee and thats all I need.


Turn offs:

Bad hygene

Bad teeth

Chewing with mouth open

Beards…facial hair period…dont like it much. It looks nice on quite a few guys that are sexy, just dont touch me with it.

Loud vehicles/motocycles: There is no reason on this earth I need to hear your vehicle/motorcycle from 2 miles away.



Religious fanatics/bible thumpers


My coffee being too bitter

Green Bell Peppers

Pretty much people in general, but you all knew that.

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