30 Day Challenge: Day 18

30 day challenge

Day 18: Name the TV Show you have become addicted to

DAMMIT! I refuse to choose. I am addicted to several. Not a lot, but I honestly can’t choose.

1: The Walking Dead
2: Supernatural
3: Penny Dreadful
4: Vikings
5: Daredevil
6: Grimm
7: Hannibal
8: The Strain
9: Z-Nation
I used to like American Horror Story as well, but after the second season it just didn’t jive for me. The third season was okay, but they got too many inaccuracies about voodoo and history wrong, and it irked me…lol…and then there was season four, which was a total waste of time. Season five doesn’t look promising to me either. Season One was by far the best.
With the new TV season starting soon, I will likely be adding ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ to my list, while I’ll be losing Hannibal since its being cancelled. And as an aside, Z-Nation isn’t very good at all to me as far as the storyline and the acting, but it forever amuses me for some reason. I can say I could be content if all I ever got to watch were the top four on my list.

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  2. adamjasonp says:

    Hannibal did start to get weird, perhaps more weird than scary.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      I agree, however, I like the weirdness. And really, the show is just visually stunning. I could sit and watch it with no sound just for the pure visual feel of it. My own bit of weirdness, I suppose.

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