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Day 3 without Fat Cat: Bittersweet


Well, today was the day to go to the Funeral Home and choose ChesterAnn’s urn. She hadnt been cremated yet, so they allowed me to see her one last time. Of course I blubbered the entire time.

I chose a beautiful urn for her, as well as a small pendant that they put a little of her ashes into. Morbid, I know, but I want a part of her with me always.

I cant seem to stress enough to people what that silly old cat meant to me. She was my best friend, my child, my confidante. Its true, my world really did revolve around her.

The Funeral Home is also making me a plaster cast of her front paw prints.

I’ll be able to pick her up tomorrow morning some time.

Once I left and managed to stop snotting everywhere, I went and got my new truck. Well, not new new, but new for me. Its another Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, same avacado green as my last, only this is a newer model. There are some major differences in the interior I have to get used to. It drives like a dream though.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was ‘make it mine’. I got Mossy Oak seat covers and floor mats (why, yes, I am a redneck), a steering wheel cover, a cool set of skull dog tag air fresheners…and I ordered a shit ton of zombie apparell for the truck from Amazon.

I discovered much to my delight that the CD player in the truck holds 6 CDs. It only has one slot, so I thought it only took one. My last Expedition had a six pack changer…a little square box that you loaded 6 CDs into and popped it into a thing in the center console.

And the center console…zomg…I have so much space in there! The first thing my daughter said was ‘we could put a human head in there!’

Okay, to explain that, when my daughter and I size things, like boxes and such, we judge by what size of a human head will fit. We openly do this. Trust me, you will get some mighty strange looks in the middle of the Post Office when deciding on what size PO Box you will need and then reducing it to ‘holy cow, you can fit two heads, or maybe even a whole toddler, into that box!’.

Yeah, people dont get our brand of humor much.

I have a thumb drive full of Fat Cat pictures, and this evening I bought a bunch of varying size frames.

Yes, there will be a shrine.

I know, I’m pitiful.

Oh, and I still hate that I cut all my hair off.



Well, I have a busy day tomorrow. More weeping, whining, blubbering, sobbing, snotting and moping. And then I have to get my truck registered and get tags. I think I’ll get a custom tag…I just need to think of something that no one else in the state of Alabama has thought of. Bleh. >:[

~hugs to my squishes~

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

30 day challenge

Day 24: Seven things that cross your mind a lot

Exactly how far back in the property could I hide a body?

Do I really need just one more cup of coffee?

I think I need one more cup of coffeeā€¦

I need to restock in case of a Zombie Apocalypseā€¦

I should get a manual typewriter, plenty of ribbon and paper in for the Zombie Apocalypse, that way I can keep writingā€¦

I wonder just how often he thinks of meā€¦

My swords need to be cleaned and sharpenedā€¦

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