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Tail of Two Kitties


As you can see above, Fat Cat has accepted little Jeffrey. They sniff on each other, and there is no more growling and hissing from Fat Cat. If anything, she ignores him for the most part.

Fat Cat still isnt up to 100% since her vet visit, and today Jeffrey seems to not be feeling well, but my daughter admitted she is probably over-feeding him.

I’m just glad Fat Cat is accepting him. I was really worried in the beginning. Now hopefully they will warm to one another even more, and start playing. Fat Cat isnt big on playing to begin with, but maybe the little one will revitalize her a little. She doesnt mind him playing with her toys.

The next step would be grooming sessions.

I foresee my daughter living with me for a good while, so the two kitties bonding is a good thing. And it opens doors for future kitties. My life long goal of becoming a true crazy cat lady is within reach!!!

30 Day Challenge: Day 13

30 day challenge

Day 13: Three confessions of your choice

3 Confessions
I once killed a duckling on accident (I cried for three days afterward)
I don’t respond appropriately emotionally to certain things. I ‘fake’ certain emotions.
I don’t tell my shrink and therapist everything I should, or I do the ‘lie by omit’ thing.

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