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30 Day Challenge: Day 12

30 day challenge

Day 12: Screenshot your desktop

Another easy one. Now, I will warn you, I have a dual monitor on my PC, my PC which I lovingly refer to as ‘The Rig’, because its monstrously big and has endless useless things that I never use, but feel I NEEEEEDD. I’m greedy like that.

Due to the size differences in the monitors, the primary being 33″ and the secondary being 27″, the offset makes it look a little wonky. I use the primary for, well, primary things, and the secondary I toss up things I want to get back to, and I keep all my open messengers up over there.

This weeks desktop background is one of my favorites that I keep in rotation quite often. I do change my background a lot though, depending on my mood. Sometimes they’re pictures or cartoons, sometimes its abstract art, sometimes it quotes or a funny meme.

So, enjoy!


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