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Fat Cat and Me: Update


So, I’ve been mentioning that Fat Cat hasnt been well lately.

She hadnt been using the litterbox in like, the last two weeks, other than to piddle. Her appetite was non-existant.

So, off to the vet she went this morning.

First thing: “Your cat is overweight. o_o (Tell me something I didnt already know)

They ran a battery of tests. Blood and urine and whatnot. Now, beforehand, I warned them, she’s a biter. She has to be sedated just for a grooming. I wanted to hear them all say ‘Yeah, we understand…we dont sedate her, she eats us, we wont sue’, because they didnt want to sedate her, as the sedation tends to cause constipation, which is her primary problem right now.

The culprit was blockage due to hair. That bad is on me. I havent gotten her shaved in a timely manner. But now, we cant shave her until she is at 100% again for fear of constipation again, plus this whole ordeal was very stressful on her.

Many people were bitten today. I WARNED THEM!

She was pumped full of fluids because she was dehydrated and given an enema, which I’m sure just thrilled her. I mentioned many hands were bitten, yes?

So she is now home, she peed in her carrier. >_<

But, she’s home, and she has THE FLESH OF HER ENEMIES IN HER TEETH! RAWR!

Fat Cat is resting comfortably. And since she was so tired, we let the little kitten interact with her a little. She didnt eat him. Big accomplishment. She growled at him, he puffed up but remained submissive.

Oh, the kittens name is Jeffrey. Long story there, the highlight of it being my daughter is one strange little individual, but Jeffrey is just fine. He looks likeĀ  a Jeffrey.

Now, I had my own appointment today.

I get to have one of those lovely Upper GI series performed later this week. Oh, joy of fucking joys. Yanno, its not a complicated test. It isnt painful. But lawdy, that stuff they make you drink to dye your stomach is AWFUL. Like…I’d rather lick a bears ass awful. But, we’ll see whats going on in my old tummy. More to follow on that later.

Fat Cat is in her box, sleeping. She needs a bath because she smells like pee and her fur is so thick that just a washcloth aint gonna help that. Oh, and I prefer to keep my flesh, so no, I will not be attempting to give her a bath. Thats why I pay someone to do it, and to shave her, and to sedate her…lol.

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

30 day challenge

Day 10: If you could only live off of one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Beverage: coffee
Food: Three cheese tortellini in Alfredo with broccoli and asparagus

Very easy one today. Whew.

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