Feeling Sassy!

So, one of the things I did with my away time last month was revamp my hair.



I’ve gone back to a stripey red and black. I’ll get some pictures soon. Lately I’m lucky if I take my hair down from its ponytail, so you all will have to wait on a good hair day and plenty of make-up before ya see this gal! 😛

The colors came out perfect though. I mean, its not like I havent done it before in the past. I used to reserve my purple hair color for the winter months, and the shocking fire engine reds for summer. I’ve been adding streaks of black for the past couple of time just because it gives it a cool look.

Tonight you’ll be in for a treat as well.

Not just one short story, but two!

One is actually based from one of my gaming characters point of view. Mind you, all the names have been changed on the other characters, but this was sort of like my own character venting a personal frustration.

Anywho… I havent been placing pictures up with my entries. I just havent found suitable ones.

Camp NaNoWriMo is going well. I am maintaining a good daily word count, and come November I should be on track for getting this second novel done and shipped to the editor.

So, until later…be sweet ya’ll!!


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