Three word challenge


This was from a Three Word Challenge thread in one of the games I play.

The three words are:

1. girl
2. word
3. fly

The girl lay on the floor. Dead. Not just dead, a bloody mess.
He looked at her body. He had made such a mess, despite his tireless planning. He started the evening with a simple word. A greeting. “Hello”. Before long, and after many drinks, the young girl seemed to loosen and relax. She dropped her guards. He didn’t even need to use the drug he had stashed in his pocket.
But now. Everything was such a mess. He just wanted to see inside. What made her work. He had studied so many books. He had the sharpest of blades.
It would seem that the thrill of the first made him overly excited. Adrenaline rushed through his system. He shook with nervousness. Each slice he made was jagged, haphazard. And her screaming. Oh, god, he didn’t think she would ever stop screaming. He didn’t want to silence her, however.
He honestly didn’t think she would remain alive so long as he sliced and explored.
When blessed silence met his ears, he finally moved to observe his work. What. A. Mess.
Next time, he would do better.
He lifted a cigarette to his lips, lighting it and enjoying the taste and aroma. It was very much akin to basking in the afterglow. He sat for hours, just looking over what he had done. It was something that he had wanted to do since he was very young.
The hours were against him, though. The first fly fluttered over her body, near her bloodied nose. The first fly would only lead to the next. Soon there would be a horde.
Alexander stood, stripping out of his heavy rubber gloves and the blood soaked workmen jumpsuit. He placed it all into a drum barrel and set it alight before leaving the warehouse. The fire was small, containable. It would burn itself out without drawing any attention, while still destroying what needed erased.
He had to perfect his skill.
His mind was already working and cataloging the success and failures of this first for future reference.

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  1. Ok, can I ask what games do you play? They sound very interesting. I’m not a big gamer, but I do game and enjoy expanding the types I play.

    • Zoe Ambler says:

      I play a variety of ‘grid based’ games, that have accompanying forums for writing. There is Path of the Vampire, Darkness Falls, Vampires! – just to name a few. I have a variety of characters, trying to keep names different and character personalities different. A lot of the same people play the same games, so we like to surprise one another.

  2. Well. That was not how I expected the challenge to go but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. mlcostin says:

    I love all of your stuff, and this is no exception.

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