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I’M ALIVE!!!!! And highly caffeinated!!! I’m so sorry I had to take some personal time away. It was much needed to help my daughter overcome a tragedy in life, and for us to do some bonding. I also took some … Continue reading

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Three word challenge

This was from a Three Word Challenge thread in one of the games I play. The three words are: 1. girl 2. word 3. fly The girl lay on the floor. Dead. Not just dead, a bloody mess. He looked … Continue reading

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Threadbare : 100 word challenge

You broke her heart on so many levels. Devastation and despair prompting her to do dangerous, foolish things. The physical things will heal. The bumps and the bruises. But the inner scars will remain forever. You took her love and … Continue reading

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A Brand New Month

It is May first. A brand new month. I finished Camp NaNoWriMo for April. However, the end of April was full of tragedy for me in my little bubble of the world. Death, loss, heartbreak and challenges to overcome in … Continue reading

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