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I’M ALIVE!!!!!

And highly caffeinated!!!

I’m so sorry I had to take some personal time away. It was much needed to help my daughter overcome a tragedy in life, and for us to do some bonding.

I also took some time to myself this past weekend and went to visit my sister. I had an awesome time. I think I turned my laptop on once in the whole four days I spent with her down at the beach (she lives on a boat).

Oh, and all my frolicking in the beautiful sunshine and water has given me a sunburn from Hell. Well, its healing now. Rather, its peeling now. Its very gross. However, I am not all white and splotchy under the peeling skin…nice and golden tan. Yay!

I am taking one more weekend to myself before I get back to work.

My best friend of 12-13 years is here from out West. She’s staying with some family in Georgia, only about an hour and a half away from me, so I’ve rented a hotel room and we are packing up and heading out yonder way tomorrow and will return Sunday, when she flies back out West.

I’m SO excited to see her. Its been a few years now, and the last time we saw one another in person my health was so crappy, I couldn’t do anything fun.

In other news, apparently Fat Cat had taken advantage of my being away and having fun at the beach to get on my computer and email and text my friend Patricia. ~nods~ Patricia emailed me and told me all these complaints Fat Cat had lodged against me. GAH! My evil cat is plotting against me!


The face of a conspiring Fat Cat. I now have to password protect all my stuff!!

~shakes a fist~

So when this weekend concludes, I have some writing to share, and it will be back to work on daily writing and working on my novel once again.

The daughter is doing great, getting lots of comfort and support and is throwing herself in to her work. We totally need to get her a new car though. ARGH. Oh, and my beloved truck is acting funny…I need to get it back into the shop.

Well, I am being glared at menacingly by Fat Cat who commands treats at this time. I live to serve.

Three word challenge


This was from a Three Word Challenge thread in one of the games I play.

The three words are:

1. girl
2. word
3. fly

The girl lay on the floor. Dead. Not just dead, a bloody mess.
He looked at her body. He had made such a mess, despite his tireless planning. He started the evening with a simple word. A greeting. “Hello”. Before long, and after many drinks, the young girl seemed to loosen and relax. She dropped her guards. He didn’t even need to use the drug he had stashed in his pocket.
But now. Everything was such a mess. He just wanted to see inside. What made her work. He had studied so many books. He had the sharpest of blades.
It would seem that the thrill of the first made him overly excited. Adrenaline rushed through his system. He shook with nervousness. Each slice he made was jagged, haphazard. And her screaming. Oh, god, he didn’t think she would ever stop screaming. He didn’t want to silence her, however.
He honestly didn’t think she would remain alive so long as he sliced and explored.
When blessed silence met his ears, he finally moved to observe his work. What. A. Mess.
Next time, he would do better.
He lifted a cigarette to his lips, lighting it and enjoying the taste and aroma. It was very much akin to basking in the afterglow. He sat for hours, just looking over what he had done. It was something that he had wanted to do since he was very young.
The hours were against him, though. The first fly fluttered over her body, near her bloodied nose. The first fly would only lead to the next. Soon there would be a horde.
Alexander stood, stripping out of his heavy rubber gloves and the blood soaked workmen jumpsuit. He placed it all into a drum barrel and set it alight before leaving the warehouse. The fire was small, containable. It would burn itself out without drawing any attention, while still destroying what needed erased.
He had to perfect his skill.
His mind was already working and cataloging the success and failures of this first for future reference.

Threadbare : 100 word challenge


You broke her heart on so many levels. Devastation and despair prompting her to do dangerous, foolish things.

The physical things will heal. The bumps and the bruises.

But the inner scars will remain forever.

You took her love and used it against her. She wanted to help you so bad, only to lose herself in the midst of demons of your own design.

Now you’re gone. She is suffering. Her heart is broken, the edges of her soul tattered and torn, threadbare and frayed. She’s unraveling.

We are here to pick up the pieces, needle and thread in hand.

A Brand New Month


It is May first. A brand new month.

I finished Camp NaNoWriMo for April.

However, the end of April was full of tragedy for me in my little bubble of the world. Death, loss, heartbreak and challenges to overcome in the future.

My darling daughter is impacted the most. My heart bleeds for her. And there’s only so much a momma can do for her baby.

I may not be updating as much, but I did promise some short stories, and I will deliver.

I just need some time with my family as my daughter goes through the mourning and grieving process. More will come in future posts and updates, the situation will be brought to light. I just ask you all to keep my little family in your thoughts.

~squishes you all~

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