The Case of Disappearing Amazon Reviews…


So, I have had quite a few Amazon reviews. At least 6. And 3 Barnes & Noble reviews.

I checked in on my Amazon page, and *POOF* I have had several reviews just disappear.

Thankfully I had taken a screen shot of them a week or so ago because I was going to make a post about them.

So, here they are. Only two remain on my page now, however. I find it distressing to say the least. Has this happened to anyone else??

amazon review 1

amazon reviews 2amazon review 3

amazon review 4

So most all of these are gone but two.

I just want to cry. 🙁

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  • adamjasonp

    Why would they be deleted?

    • Zoe Ambler

      I have no idea. They were all 5 and I think 3 star ratings. Nothing flaming or obscene in them, constructive criticisms and what not. All very nice. Totally bums me out.

  • Kaine Andrews

    I know there’s been a lot of disappearing reviews on Amazon, primarily related to the author-bashing / reader-bullying movements; some non-related things get caught in the nets by accident, however, or accounts that have posted both “legitimate” and “potentially questionable” reviews get an across-the-board smackdown, which can cause problems.

    If you haven’t already, you might want to e-mail Amazon, with the screencaps, see what they have to say on the subject.

  • Opinionated Man

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    That would suck to lose hard earned reviews on your book! Hopefully some people will read this post and will go and give you some reviews to replace them. Best of luck! -OM
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  • rixlibris

    I also lost a few. From what I could determine they have an unannounced method of deciding, in their own opinion, whether a review was written by a disinterested third party or generated by someone they suspect is associated in some way with the author.

    No reviews by friends or relatives allowed and they “err on the side of caution”.

    This was the explanation I received, perhaps your case is different.

    • Zoe Ambler

      Well, I think its not very fair then. Two people did have the same last name. But none of the other reviews matched on user names. And none were associated with me. ~grumps and pouts~

      • rixlibris

        Not just names. I have no idea what their algorithm but but I had one review refused because I bought the book, full retail, on Amazon and had it shipped direct to a friend of a friend. This was an added expense, done for speed of delivery. she wrote a review and Amazon would not publish it. I’m sure that there are many other examples in which there selection of reviews policy assumes a close relationship between author and reviewer and they elect to not publish the comments.

  • SD Gates

    I have heard of these disappearing reviews, or reviews that don’t appear at all, even though the author was sitting right next to the reviewer when it was submitted. It’s a curious thing and most frustrating.

  • Courtney M. Wendleton

    Could it have something to do with Amazon looking to revise their reviewing process? A blog I follow, recently posted that Amazon is looking to add drop boxes where people can leave reviews instead of how it is now.

  • Courtney M. Wendleton

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    Anyone else losing reviews?

  • Inga

    So sorry! what a bummer. I would definitely query Amazon. If they are still on the server and just hidden for some reason perhaps they could put them back.

  • Ellen Hawley

    I hadn’t heard of this, but now I’ll check. Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Moongazer

    Amazon are weird. I submitted a review that said “perfect transaction” and they wouldnt allow it ffs.
    I would definitely contact them Zoe, reviews are so important for an author (((hugs)))

  • Zoe Ambler

    Thank you all. It would seem Amazon wont restore my reviews. I have some colorful metaphors for them, but nothing I’d want my mother to see. >_> Thanks again for all the support everyone has shown. ~hugs to all~

  • Heidi Angell

    Amazon is a booger about “fake reviews” and will take down reviews that they deem through their algorithms to be “false”. reviews by someone who might be related to you, who don’t post reviews regularly, or who post lots of reviews on books they have not “purchased.” It is very obnoxious. This is the first time I have heard of B & N reviews disappearing though. Send them your screen pic and ask why they were removed.

  • The Opening Sentence

    I’ve just done a search on ‘removed reviews’ and the Amazon algorithm (yes, it’s not done by human being) can remove reviews if they’re written by another author! Something to do with financial interests and competition.

    Not saying that’s the answer (complain too much and Amazon will remove your books), but it might be part of the reason. Still sucks though, and Amazon’s refusal to give you a proper explanation is typical of Big Corporation’s contempt for all of us.


    • Zoe Ambler

      Thank you for this info!!

      • The Opening Sentence

        The problem with authors reviewing authors appears to go back to 2012 when there was an outcry over a crime novellist reviewing his own books. The new algorithm was introduced then and chaos ensued. Looks like Amazon are still at it and you may be another ‘random’ victim of it.

        This could be an old issue, but it’s still pertinent and indie authors need to be made aware of it: Amazon’s reviewing guidelines don’t appear to allow authors to review other authors’ work. If that’s the case they should make it explicit!

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