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Camp NaNo and general update…


Well, the end of the month is fast approaching. I know, I know, I’ve been hiding away from my blog. I really had nothing new to update with, no funny stories, no crazy antics.

BEHOLD!!! The cows have no been set loose in the field across the road…hilarity will ensue when I start antagonizing them by running past them waving a bottle of A~1 and a steak knife.

Seriously…the cows lean on the fence all the time and they get loose. I have to wrangle them up from my yard (5acres) and back to Farmer Bob to tend to.

So Camp NaNoWriMo didn’t go as I had planned. I wanted to knock out a good chunk of rewriting and editing my novel, but I just could not find my flow and rhythm for it.

So instead, to keep me writing and thinking on a daily basis, I’ve been doing contests, challenges and writing Role Plays for my games. I keep track of all my word counts on everything. So far, I’ve surpassed my word count for the month.

Some of those short stories from prompts in my games will get posted here soon. I have gotten some really great feedback on them. People really liked them. Of course, almost all of the stories are tragic, but don’t worry, only a few are vampire based. I tried to just do tragedy and twisty sorts of stories.

So far, in these challenges, my favorites have been the three word challenge. Write a 300 word short story incorporating 3 words that are given each morning. My other favorite is the random first sentence starter. 300-500 words. They give you the beginning of a first sentence…you take it from there.

I’ve had loads of fun doing it, and its HAS relieved some of the stress I’ve felt working on my book.

Fat Cat has still been acting strange. OMG… has she been a bad kitteh!!! She is doing everything she knows she’s not supposed to, and getting into places she knows are off limits. Health-wise, she’s fine. She’s just throwing tantrums it seems.

I’ll start posting some of my short stories. I used to whine and cry when it comes to short stories. I tend to get wordy, and keeping below 1500 words was a challenge. I HAVE MASTERED THE SHORT STORY!!!

Never ask me to write poetry though. Nope. Not gonna happen. I can do it. NOPE!!

~squishes you all~

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