Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit


I’m still alive, I’m still alive. Barely.

Yanno, that whole idea of swapping rooms so I could have a bigger office? Yeah, taking a lot longer than anticipated.


Well, I don’t have any friends, the daughter works and I hate asking her to help, and I need a harem of men. Yes. That would be most helpful.

But, alas, it is me and my fat cat, and she, at first, hard a little bit of an adjustment having everything all cluttered and her things not where they normally are. But she is getting used to it.

The cable/ISP will be here Monday afternoon to move my internet line.

OH! I have not been to sleep in like…48 hours! I even took my Ambien and nada. So, since I am physically wiped out at the moment, but my brain doesn’t want to shut off and let me sleep, I have entered into the Netflix Vortex of Doom. I have watched…

Saving Private Ryan

The Hurt Locker

Blackhawk Down

We Were Soldiers


Full Metal Jacket


300: Rise of an Empire

and…I am about to watch Defiance and maybe start on Generation Kill, which isn’t on Netflix, I have the box-set DVDs. The book was better, of course. But the HBO production is fantastic in its own right.

Can you see a trend here? Yes, I love war movies. All war movies. Even old black and white ones. I’m a war buff. Yeah, you thought that was just limited to the character of my book? Write what ya know, right?

I haven’t been writing all week, other than some minor RP gaming writing. I have not worked on Book Two at all. I’ve been working on this room swap, clearing and tossing junk, moving things that tried to kill me. Like I said, I am just physically exhausted. Mentally, too. I feel just drained, yet cant sleep.

Fat Cat is sleeping just fine and dandy, however. Any time I sit down, she’s all over me. The big squish.

I’ll be glad when I have this moving project done. I’ll be happy when I have my swords and pictures and little nick-knacks and voodoo dolls all in their new places. Oh, and I FINALLY have enough shelves for all my books! It took three bookcases. I still have a little room in the nooks in the hutch of my desk, but I’m thinking of putting some pictures there instead.

I do have a complaint about this big old room. Its cold. Well, I’m sure in the summer its going to be sweltering. There’s two heat/AC ducts in here, but I don’t think they are working, and its so cold out right now.

On the plus side, all the windows have screens. I can open up the room and let the lovely scent of honeysuckle and lilac in in the spring. I have some growing wild just off the treeline, really close to the house. Not to mention, fat cat will love sitting in the windows. Well, she already does. I set up a little perch for her already. She doesn’t use it much unless the sun is just right for now. Besides, she’s always on me if I sit down…lol.

Well, its now 5:25am. I’m going back into the Vortex of Doom.

Someone send a search party if you don’t hear from me in a few days. >_>

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  1. Carol says:

    Oh do be careful in the Netflix Vortex of Doom!! My moms have been caught in there a few times. Just let us know if we need to throw in a rope to help pull you out. Or I can send in my brother Steve.

  2. Zoe, I was caught and seduced by the mesmerizing Netflix vortex all day Friday. After reading an advertisement about the release of Netflix’s, “House of Crds,” I wrote very little but at least I finished the season in a day, so today, I’m back on track. Congratulations and good luck in the new room.

  3. Guy Hogan says:

    I know what it’s like to be exhausted but unable to sleep. It’s no fun. Eventually, I just pass out. If I have beer, a nice little buzz helps to knock me out. Good luck.

  4. blondeusk says:

    Am so glad you are in the vortex of doom. House of cards has been released, first episode down already. Let me know if you find the harem of men!

  5. adamjasonp says:

    Omg! No! Netflix will make it harder to sleep! Don’t die on us! 🙁

  6. daphnecybele says:

    Try Band Of Brothers, the HBO miniseries. It is WWII. Strangely uplifting due to the the perspective gained from such dire circumstances. Might be on the Amazon vortex rather than Netflix… Anyway, highly recommend it if you haven’t already seen it.

  7. I hope the room swap finishes up soon — moving is such a tiring process. But it sounds like the extra space will be really nice. I like that you’ll have lots of shelves for your books. I still have books in boxes in some room, and that bums me out.

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