In the Vortex of DOOM


Yes, its February 1st, and I seemed to have disappeared for a few days. And, well, probably for today for the most part too.

I’ve been sucked into the Netflix Vortex of DOOM!!!

But I don’t mind. I hit a wall on my book, and I have other aggravations going on in my life right now, that I just need to focus on something else…like being lazy and turning to ooze in front of the screen. And I keep getting interrupted ever 5 minutes. Its easy to put a movie on ‘pause’…not so much of a ‘pause’ button in your head when you are on a roll writing.

So far I have watched:

The Help, Easy A, Blade II, Gabriel, Valkyrie, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Snow White and the Huntsman, Orphan and Edge of Tomorrow (the DVD) and Fire with Fire.

Next on the lineup is The Bourne Legacy. Then maybe ZombieLand. I’ve really tried watching movies I haven’t seen before, like Easy A and Snow White, but I keep getting drawn back to old favorites.

I really want to watch Inglorious Basterds. Its one of my favorites. And Pacific Rim.

Can you tell I have a pretty wide scope on genre’s? I don’t like comedies much, or rom-coms, but sometimes the stars depend on whether I’ll watch them.

Well, back to business tomorrow. I have given myself permission to take some ‘me time’. Then back to work. I’m aiming for editing and cleaning up book two. Oh, and I actually wrote a new chapter for it the other day. Something inspired me. Now its just a matter of where to put it. Its very relevant to the flow of the story. I’m pleased with it. It needs to be worked on a little more. I just got the bulk of it out of my head.

ANYWHO…I’m off …back into the Vortex of DOOM. I wont be doing NaBloPoMo for February, so my Blogher account will be fairly quiet. Except for Spotlights…I’ll still post them there.

Anyway…back into the Vortex!!!

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