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Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit


I’m still alive, I’m still alive. Barely.

Yanno, that whole idea of swapping rooms so I could have a bigger office? Yeah, taking a lot longer than anticipated.


Well, I don’t have any friends, the daughter works and I hate asking her to help, and I need a harem of men. Yes. That would be most helpful.

But, alas, it is me and my fat cat, and she, at first, hard a little bit of an adjustment having everything all cluttered and her things not where they normally are. But she is getting used to it.

The cable/ISP will be here Monday afternoon to move my internet line.

OH! I have not been to sleep in like…48 hours! I even took my Ambien and nada. So, since I am physically wiped out at the moment, but my brain doesn’t want to shut off and let me sleep, I have entered into the Netflix Vortex of Doom. I have watched…

Saving Private Ryan

The Hurt Locker

Blackhawk Down

We Were Soldiers


Full Metal Jacket


300: Rise of an Empire

and…I am about to watch Defiance and maybe start on Generation Kill, which isn’t on Netflix, I have the box-set DVDs. The book was better, of course. But the HBO production is fantastic in its own right.

Can you see a trend here? Yes, I love war movies. All war movies. Even old black and white ones. I’m a war buff. Yeah, you thought that was just limited to the character of my book? Write what ya know, right?

I haven’t been writing all week, other than some minor RP gaming writing. I have not worked on Book Two at all. I’ve been working on this room swap, clearing and tossing junk, moving things that tried to kill me. Like I said, I am just physically exhausted. Mentally, too. I feel just drained, yet cant sleep.

Fat Cat is sleeping just fine and dandy, however. Any time I sit down, she’s all over me. The big squish.

I’ll be glad when I have this moving project done. I’ll be happy when I have my swords and pictures and little nick-knacks and voodoo dolls all in their new places. Oh, and I FINALLY have enough shelves for all my books! It took three bookcases. I still have a little room in the nooks in the hutch of my desk, but I’m thinking of putting some pictures there instead.

I do have a complaint about this big old room. Its cold. Well, I’m sure in the summer its going to be sweltering. There’s two heat/AC ducts in here, but I don’t think they are working, and its so cold out right now.

On the plus side, all the windows have screens. I can open up the room and let the lovely scent of honeysuckle and lilac in in the spring. I have some growing wild just off the treeline, really close to the house. Not to mention, fat cat will love sitting in the windows. Well, she already does. I set up a little perch for her already. She doesn’t use it much unless the sun is just right for now. Besides, she’s always on me if I sit down…lol.

Well, its now 5:25am. I’m going back into the Vortex of Doom.

Someone send a search party if you don’t hear from me in a few days. >_>

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