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A blip on the radar


Sorry I’ve seemed to drop off the radar a little. Things abound!

Lets see…we will have SPOTLIGHTS this week!!! YAY and thank you to those who signed up!

Lets see…Oh, I did something stupid. I mean, its for the good of my lovely purple tresses, but I hate it. I…got a haircut. Like, two full inches. And bangs. What possessed me to do that is beyond me. I hate the little fringy over my forehead. You’d think after being alive this long, and the tormenting hair cuts my mother would give me as a child would have made me aware that I look best when my hair is all one length pretty much. Blech. And now, when I look down…like, at my bewbs…I cant see my lovely purple locks resting over them. My hair is just above my shoulders now. HATE IT!

Lets see…I’ve made a HUGE decision on my arrangement of my house that I am TOTALLY EXCITED for…however, with that total excitement comes TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!! I have a large sunken den, which, when the original owners of the house (who are my closest neighbors now) built, it was a garage, and they converted it. I’ve just been using it for storage space. Yeah…pack-ratting. So sue me. 😛

So I decided…’hey, I want a HUGE home office instead of just using this little bedroom…I’m going to swap rooms!’. Yeah, I know, I’m an idiot. I’ve got about 30% of the moving around, tossing out of junk and repacking stuff done. The biggest thing will be moving my main desk. Its one big solid desk and hutch, and the hutch doesn’t detach. When I moved into this house, like, forever ago, it took three big strapping men to move it, and even they were whining. ~head-desks~.

I’ve been working on things, so yeah, I kind of blipped off the radar a little. I’m trying to get the swap done as quick as I can so I can get back to what I love, which is writing and oozing affection over my fat cat. (Fat cat does not like the sudden changes going on around the house, I will add. Especially when I bring out ‘VAWCCUUUMMM’)

In my little gaming world…well, there’s nothing much to report there. I’ve put a few bigger RPs on the back burner, just sticking to writing with those who send me short little RPs. I’m trying to teach them how to really develop their storytelling skills.

With this moving around things in my house, I may be without good internet for a few days. The internet line is in here, in the ‘old’ office. I don’t know if the WiFi on my computer will pick up the signal in the ‘new’ office since it’s on the other side of the house. I’m putting in a call to arrange for my line to be moved though, but you know how things can get, get put on a waiting list and whatnot. I have to say though, my cable/ISP is pretty reliable and quick.

OH! Look what my lovely daughter bought and presented to me. She brought it to me at the coffee shop a few days ago. All the girls got a chuckle out of it. I LOVE IT!!!!


I should have put something next to it so you could see the size of it. ITS HUGE!!! It will be my new coffee shop mug. ~nods~

So, my lovely visitors, that is an update. I’ll be back around Thursday with something to share, and new Spotlights on Friday!

Be sweet ya’ll!

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