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Troubles, troubles, troubles…


Well. The Spotlight seats will be empty this week, as no one has taken me up on my offer to help promote them a little. I have used up everyone I had on the back list and advertised to encourage a little more to come on over and share their works with us.




~crickets chirping~

I almost had one! But when they saw I was a horror genre, and planned to publish erotica as well, they pleasantly declined.

I tried to be clear…these Spotlights are for ANY genre…it doesn’t have to mesh with my own. I am just wanting to help people out. I invite bloggers, too.

You know what I have to say for it all? POOP!! Okay, not my word of choice, but I’m trying to behave myself at the moment.

Fat-cat has learned some new curse words over the last few days, that’s for sure.

Personal life isn’t going to well at all. Its in the crapper, really.

Professional life is okay. Not great, but not totally dead. I should run another book giveaway!

I’m going to be talking to the own of my beloved coffee shop this weekend. I saw him yesterday, but he was just too busy to have a conversation. The poor man had to take one of their machines apart and fix it.

ANYWAY…we’re pitching the idea of a joint venture. I supply the books. The deal is, we’ll advertise the hell out of, newspapers, local magazines, maybe radio…anyway, after we set a date and advertise it, when people come into the shop and purchase a LARGE SPECIALTY drink, they will get a voucher for $1.99 off a copy of my book, and the book will also be signed to them. Not a bad deal at all, huh? I don’t have to pay shipping costs on the soft cover book editions, so I’m not really out anything. And the coffee shop makes a profit. I get my name out there a little more.

well, like I said, my personal life is in the pooper. I’d share, but, yeahno.

Be sweet my lovelies. Hopefully some people will take advantage of the Spotlight once again. If is stays dead, I think I will replace it with something else. Who knows?

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