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Woes of a Gamer

10420077_907784655928288_6437293793977406804_nOh, the woes of a gamer. Find a new game, or in my case, decide to create a new one since everything has gone kaput with the current ones….you have to come up with a good character name. Something unique, original, and that will suit what sort of ‘person’ you are trying to build.

I thought of making a male character, but in Role-play gaming, I can never really pull off a male swagger. I’ve tried. It was horrible.

So, now I am considering a new femme character in my favorite RP game, since one character has been dumped by her beloved in the critical stages of her storyline, and the ‘alt’ character I play, well, my RP partner there just does not have good writing skills. At all. I pretty much have to dumb things down a lot and shorten my style. But at least he’s pretty regular and it keeps me writing a decent storyline, despite the sub-par (by my standards) writing.

I don’t know why I don’t just stop RP gaming. I quit my last one because I’d been playing it over 12 years and just ran out of things for the character. She’d seen and done it all, pretty much. And now she’s being copied by newbies who cant create an original idea. I guess I should be flattered.

But this new game I play is very different in both the gaming style and the Role-play. I like it, but man, are the other players fickle and unreliable.

So, back to thinking up a new character. Oh. Joy. Do I really want to start from square one again? What sort of person do I want her to develop in to? What species do I want to even make her? The good, or the bad?

Decisions, decisions.

~head explodes~

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