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Mailing list thingy….


~sigh~ I feel incredibly old tonight. Like, ‘hit young whipper-snappers with a stick’ old. Or ‘bite someone’ old. No one gets mad at a little old lady. I mean, in all honesty, when I’m a little old lady, massive groping of young mens perky behinds is the plan, cuz, yanno, who is gonna admonish an little old pervy lady?

Anyway…on to a topic I need help with. Okay, there’s lots of those, but we’ll stick to one tonight…

Okay, I admit the whole social media thing still throws me for a loop at times. Someone suggested I place a mailing list sign up on my site. ‘A wha…??’ was my response. There may have been some idiotic drooling, too. Sometimes that just happens naturally.

Anyway…so I read up on it and my first thought was ‘wouldn’t people get annoyed to get emails from me about this or that?’ and then I thought ‘well, if they were interested in my book, the upcoming books, and any promotions they might’.

So now I am researching ‘mailing list’ thingy-ma-jigs. Anyone use them? Anyone have suggestions? I’m shooting for ‘free, but nice and user friendly’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys and gals.

Special treat tomorrow hopefully…a short story that was inspired months ago by a post. Weeeee!

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