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Music in the Writing world


I read an interesting article on writing over the weekend that suggested that you DON’T listen to music when you’re writing. It suggested that you just listen to the ambient sounds around you. If your in a coffee shop, listen to the idle chatter or TV, at home, just listen to the sounds of the home. Conversations, etc.

Poop I say! The article implied that listening to your favorite tunes distracted you from your writing, rather than relax and inspire. That the music pulled your attention too much.


Perhaps its simply personal opinion and comfortability. Maybe its your choice in music. The article didn’t say what sort of music to not listen to.

When I write, most of my music is movie scores, classical and instrumental. No lyrics. I can see how bee-bopping to lyrics could pull your attention a little, but really, if you love what you listen to, it can inspire you past rough points. Right now I am listening to Sia. My writing is coming along just fine. When I start working on Book Two here in a few minutes, I’m switching to a more mellow playlist to suit the mood of the chapter I’m working on. It needs to be emotion provoking. Sad, sorrowful.

My playlist is actually divided up that way. By emotions. If I need inspiration for a fight scene, well, I put on some powerful battle march type of music.

The uses in your writing with music are endless. That article was pooh in my opinion. And it wasn’t a ‘suggestion’ article. It said DON’T do this…DON’T do that.

And well…I’m a rebel dammit!! ~shakes a fist~

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