Readers Meet Authors and Bloggers

Jo Robinson

I started a Google+ community a while ago called Readers Meet Authors and Bloggers. The aim was to promote interaction between bloggers (who aren’t always authors), and readers who had other passions, but still loved to read. Probably due to my own fault – I’ve had a whacky and seriously stressful couple of years – I’ve neglected it, and community moderators have lost interest and stopped going there. My fault, but still a viable community.

These days it’s become pretty much an “Oy Buy My Book” spammy kind of place. I still believe that it has potential though, and with three thousand, five hundred odd members, I think that it has the potential to be a good place to market as well as interact with other writers in the future. Rules need to be put in place though, and proper content (not just links to blogs and books) needs…

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One comment on “Readers Meet Authors and Bloggers

  1. marcies04 says:

    Email: or

    SUBMISSION CALL for the April 2015 Issue
    Deadline for submissions is set for March 25th for the April edition so get those articles in. I’d like to see how-to’s dealing with rejection, articles dealing with manuscript format, articles dealing with everyday life of a writer, conference and workshop news, dealing with editors … you get the picture. If anyone has market news or updates please send those to me as soon as possible.
    I would also like to see inspirational articles for each issue – keep the length between 500 and 2000 words.
    Please, please get those manuscripts in to us before the 25th.
    Also I’d like to stress to each of you the importance of getting in your subscription before the end of the month. Email me if you need a subscription form. You can pay through PAYPAL or by check or money order. The email address for our PAYPAL account is You don’t want to miss a single issue of our magazine. Stay on top of market needs and what’s going on in the writing world. Subscribe today. YOU ALSO GET A FREE CRITIQUE OF ANY STORY, ARTICLE OR 10 PAGES OF POEMS WITH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION THROUGH the duration of your subscription.
    Please, please put your name, address and email on each manuscript and shortly following each article add a short bio. Manuscripts will not be read if they don’t have names, etc.
    Thanks for everything. We need your subscription support so please consider subscribing today.
    Marcella Simmons, Editor/Publisher


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