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A little call for help…


Okay my lovely peeps. I am in need of some reviews for my book The Road of Darkness. Amazon is offering it for a dollar off, and Google is offering at almost 1.50 off right now. But really, if you are really really really interested and can provide a pretty quick review and post to all the leading sites, I will send a free copy of either the pdf or epub version, your choice.

Things aren’t going well. I know, I know, I haven’t given it much time. But at the same time, I haven’t been able to do any powerhouse marketing and advertising either, because most of it costs and arm, leg and first born. The ‘free’ stuff isn’t as free as they let on. And I’ve submitted to free review sites, but they want like 3-6 months. Cripes! The next book will be out by then..lol. My PayPal Donation button has yielded me an entire $5. and my GoFundMe $0.

~sigh~ Am I rushing things? Honestly, I know I am not the most patient person in the world. I was absent that day when patience was handed out. I stood in the boob line twice. >_>

Anywho. If anyone would like to help me out, email me at zoe.ambler5@gmail.com, or zoeambler@zoeambler.com.

Thank you lovelies!

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Sick lil me


I’ve had a rough weekend.

My jaw/ear have been killing me with the arthritis. I have just been dealing with the pain, distracting myself. I haven’t been able to get any writing done however. Its stressing me that I’m not working on Book Two.

I have gotten myself in the Vortex of Doom and watch Firefly and Serenity though, seeing as they have such a big cult following and raving fans wanting the show back. Its not half bad, but I think with the release of Serenity, I’m satisfied enough.

I’m in the middle of watching the Robocop remake. I cant focus because I just feel ick. The pain is gone, but the hydrocodone mixed with all my other meds, on top of an empty stomach beforehand, has left my poor tummy a wreck. I have since eaten a croissant, and I’m having a bit of coffee, though I am being careful on the coffee intake. I plan a nap soon. I hate having an upset stomach. I would rather have a blinding headache. I’m a wuss when it comes to tummy aches.

So, back to movies. I watched ‘Horns’ on Friday night. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Currently my head is splitting in two, I think. The pain in my jaw and ear is gone, but I only slept for maybe 3 hours. And that’s with taking Ambien on top of it all. So a nap is definitely called for.

I know I am being hard on myself, but I feel really let down that I haven’t gotten more accomplished with my book than I have. I know I have plenty of time. I planned a spring/summer release for it, and its only February.

I guess I’m just in one of those down places again.

Fat cat is being as adorable as ever. She is currently under my drafting table where I lovingly set up a little box and blankies for her, and opened the blinds so she can watch the lizards and birdies on the front porch, while also soaking up the sunshine.

And speaking of lizards…or mice maybe…I think one has died behind my desk. There is a strange ick molding/dead-thing odor. My desk is so big (takes 4 big strong men to lift) and goes from floor to ceiling, with a backboard, so you cant get to the wall. The smell is coming from behind the filing cabinet portion. Fat cat had been really interested in it a few days ago, I thought nothing of it. There are so many wires and what not shoved back there.

If I knew 4 big strapping men I’d be having them clear the whole thing out. I had the fleeting thought I swapping rooms with my daughter room anyway. But, I’m just one small girl, and so is she, and her boyfriend is about the size of a pencil. No help there.

Hopefully with a little more rest I can carve out a new writing schedule and start feeling accomplished again.

I’ve also been considering sharing some of my shorter RP stories with you all. They would be broken up, of course. If you like the horror/romance genre, you might find them interesting. I don’t know the limits on what sort of erotica/smut I can post on WP, or I may post some of that if people wanna see hot vamp action…lol.

I hope you all are having good weekends out there, and I have been enjoying some great blogs! Sorry mine is a bit lame right now. Please don’t take it out back and shoot it. >_<

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