Author Interview with Leona Henry

Into the Mind of the Writer

May I introduce Leona Henry in this interview!

1. What genre are your books?

Dark fantasy, which is also known as grimdark.

2. What draws you to this genre?

I have fallen in love with it after reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. Though it really started with Tolkien’s masterpiece, The Silmarillion, which is quite dark and grim.

3. What project are you working on at the moment?

I am working on the first book of a trilogy, I’m halfway through the first draft and hoping to finish it before the end of spring 2015.

4. What’s it about?

The most powerful empire of the civilized world is on the brink of falling apart. The heroic emperor Thalios goes on a battle campaign to drive back the savage enemies raiding his eastern realm. But a much greater war is brewing and threatening the entire world, eventually…

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One comment on “Author Interview with Leona Henry

  1. Leona says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this, you are a darling!


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