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The complication of cats…

10407585_858451837555029_2130823117031828442_nTrying to get some work done. Fat Cat is in my face. On my desk, grooming herself. I move her. She cries. I get dressed, she cries even more because she knows me getting dressed means I’m going out.

Let the howling commence.

Talk about a guilt trip.

But, she wasn’t letting me get any work done. Total distraction with her cuteness. So I packed up to come to the coffee shop. Its blessedly peaceful here. And nobody is licking their butts. That’s always a plus.

I have to do something about fat cats dependence on me. I mean, its so frikkin sweet, but I worry about her when I go on extended absences. I want to get away, go to the beach for the weekend, and I just don’t want it filled with worry over fat cat.

My poor precious kitty.

Its really cold today. Like, in the 40’s. And it looks like it just may rain. Its just an all around crappy looking day outside. I wont stay at the coffee shop long. Its nice and warm in here, but unusually busy and noisy. My headphone aren’t blocking everything out.

I found some chapters of book two that need to be totally rewritten. Oh. Joy. All part of the process though, I guess.

WP is giving me fits. It wont let me reblog sometimes. I’m not a big ‘reblogger’, but when I find something outstanding, I’d like to share it. Someone suggested it was because they switched hosts, but I haven’t. Everything is based on WP for me.

At least my ‘like’ button still works. I like to let people know they are being read and appreciated. I should comment more than I do. Its a self confidence thing for me. I’m afraid of making an ass out of myself. Not like I don’t do that naturally. >_>

Well, off to dig into book two now. Its not going to massacre itself!

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