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Gaining Ground


I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I managed to edit, just spelling, grammar and punctuation mind you, TEN whole chapters of Book Two. AND write an extra chapter. GO ME!

I’m not rushing this book. I mean, I figured on a summer release time, so I have plenty of time to massacre, erm, I mean edit and revise.

But I finally feel like I’m not slacking. AND all my journals are up to date.

I’m not going to be able to lounge at the coffee shop to work much this week. The truck still has to go back into the shop for tires and brakes.

My head is all abuzz with wonderful little add-ins on the Book though. Things that will bring other things to light more, flesh things out more, and tidy things up a bit.

Now, for an update on fat cat since I haven’t talked about her in a bit.

She has a lovely new hot pink collar and bells. You see, fat cat requires two bells on her collar, because, well, SHE’S THE DEVIL…and I must know where she is and what she is into at all times. But then, on the funnier side, if I am not in her eye sight or she cant find me, she cries like a baby until I at least holler to her and give her a sense that I’m still here in the house with her. Titty-baby much? If I go to the front porch to smoke, I can hear her in here crying for me. I holler through my office window at her and she’s fine and dandy then. My precious lil weirdo.

Lately she has been sleeping with me again. Its a phase that comes and goes. And she sleeps in the most horrid spots. Like, on my chest, or in an awkward position on my knees that just riddles me with pain. But yanno, I never have the heart to move her, because she’s so comfy and at peace, purring softly, or, well, snoring like lumberjack.

I had another fleeting thought the other day of getting a kitten. Fat cat usually blows those thoughts out of the water. I brought a kitten home once. Fat cat tried to eat it. No, not really eat it, but she was way too aggressive.

On to other news.

The weekly Spotlights look like they may be winding down. I have posted to author groups in various places calling for authors and bloggers who would like to be interviewed and in the Spotlight, and, well, not many are stepping up anymore. One didn’t think my brand of interview was ‘serious’ enough. Well, excuse me, that’s the point. Just about everything I do has a bit of twisted humor. I like it to be fun. I like it to be far from the norm. I mean, authors usually get asked the same old questions over and over. At least my ten little questions are a little unique. Again, I like the humor I blend in as well. People need to pull the sticks outta their bums.

So without the Spotlights, I will probably come up with something else. Just something that keeps me working on something. I would say book reviews, but with working on editing my second book and still trying to promote the first, I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read. And then there’s that Netflix Vortex of DOOM I keep getting sucked in to.

Perhaps I’ll start sharing some of my RPs from the gaming sites? The problem there is getting my other participants permission to post their writing and their bits of the storyline. Of course, I do have some stand alone stories. They are long, as they were written over time, based around the actual game play, so it would sort of have to be broken up into chapters. Well, I guess like a serial. In some, time skips ahead a bit, based on the actual game play at the time, whether my character has leveled up and gained new skills and whatnot. Its something to think about. What would you all say to seeing something like that?

I’m rambling now. Its almost 2am. I should try to go to bed, but man, I just am not tired in the least. And I don’t want to take my Ambien.

I’d work on editing more, but right now I cant seem to focus on it. I think I made good enough progress. I’ll start fresh after a nap, if I ever take one…lol.

Well, me and fat cat are going to cuddle. She had bitten me on the behind signaling she wishes me undivided attention.  ಠ_ಠ

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