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I dont want to brain today…but I must

10360608_981267785233876_1319467734016338160_nI have editing and revising to do. I dont feel like it. But honestly, I’ve been slacking and putting it off. The good side to it all, is that as I go through for revisions on Book Two, I have come up with more exciting material. Which means more words and chapters. More fleshing out of things.

I just dont want to brain today. And ~gasps~ some NEW person to the coffee shop is at my table, leaving me to work somewhere outside the norm. And she isn’t doing anything!! She’s playing…not working. ~sighs~ Such is the way when you like to work in a public place.

So I am hunkered down on the coffee shop sofa taking up the coffee table and leaning over painfully. Its the only other place with an outlet my laptop will reach.

Anyway, back to this head full of ideas. I’m excited for the new additional chapters I’ll be putting in the book. It will open things up a little more I think, give more depth. And more mystery. Who doesn’t love that?!

I will say though, I am wholly uncomfortable right now. When this chic goes, if I don’t go first, I am reclaiming my table. This sofa sucks.

I had a bit of a bright side though. I guess I seem kind of down. I warned you all days ago that I felt a depression coming on. A bipolar low. I’m fighting though it. But it didn’t go unnoticed to my barista. They know me so well here. She asked what was wrong, how she could help. I thought it was insanely sweet and caring. Having someone know you and your ways. It DID perk me up a little. It reminds me that I’m not alone…and in this coffee shop, this humble little place, I am not just a ‘customer’.

As I mentioned before, I am on the verge of a bipolar low. I can pretty much tell when they are coming on. Its the manic highs that catch me off guard. I’ve been taking my meds, keeping track, and eating well. Doing what I can.

I am listening to some fine music too. I’ve made a playlist of my favorite movie scores. I actually read this weekend that you SHOULDN’T listen to your favorite music while writing. The article said it was ‘distracting’. I find that totally untrue, at least in my case. My music sets the tone, sets the mood. Maybe its my morbid choice in music. And there are no lyrics. So its not like I’m bebopping to catchy songs. Just soothing movie scores. Orchestra pieces. The most vocal my music gets is Lisa Gerard. Love her.

Well, I better get my butt to work. I’m getting a late start today. I stayed up all night in the vortex of doom, and am paying for it now…lol.

Brain Scan.. Not as pretty as my artwork…

Introducing…Zoe Ambler

My thanks for this opportunity!

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