Todays accomplishments!


So…I’ve recovered from this mornings bout of insane silliness. I still lack an A string, so I cant be all musical.

I took a much needed nap, then got up and opened some word documents to stare at them a bit to see what they had to say to me.

I started working on one that I haven’t touched in, like…a year now. And was promptly told by spell-check that it didn’t have a clue as to what word I was grasping at.


I haven’t gotten any actual work done on the book I’m SUPPOSED to be working on. I seem to keep going back to older works and fleshing them out a little. Some could be posted here on the blog I imagine…they aren’t graphically smutty or anything. Just kind of long, and I don’t know if a blog post would do them justice.

My truck is in the shop, I’m stranded at home. I hate that to no end. I love to just be able to get up, toss my laptop in the truck any time the mood strikes and head to the coffee shop. Hopefully my truck will be fixed by next week.

I do more productive work at the coffee shop.

I’m trying to stay away from Netflix or I get sucked into that vortex.

So I am letting music guide me. Now that I cant practice my own, I have a killer playlist lined up.

I could always go back to bed. Everybody complains I don’t sleep enough. I feel like I might miss something. What? I have no clue…lol.

So, today’s accomplishments so far….ZIP! NADA! NUTTIN’! Not a thang…~head desks~

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