Early morning head-banging part II


I snapped my A string.

Its 7:31am, most music stores aren’t open yet, and my truck is broke anyway. I have no wheels. I HAVE NO VIOLIN!!!! NO SPARE STRING!!!  WWWAAHHH!!!

On the plus side, I could use this time to, yanno, actually sleep, since I haven’t done that since like…hhhmm…5am or so yesterday….

Oh…funny story…

So, a few months ago I drag out my violin to practice and I do a warm up. My cat loves to try to catch hold of the bow, or any loose horse-hairs. So I’m warming up and she’s in the way and I shoo her off. I’m ready to dive into something.

I decide on Beethoven…Ode to Joy.

Start playing.

Cat looks at me and promptly pukes on the floor. >_<

Worst. Audience. Ever.

Everyone’s a critic. -.-

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  1. Leona says:

    Bad kitty! Bad, bad kitty! Tsssk!

  2. innerdragon says:

    Cats! LOL

  3. mlatinoh says:


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